MedChi, The Maryland State Medical Society, would like to remind everyone that National Doctor’s Day is on March 30.  On this day, especially, hospitals and communities across the nation should take the time to recognize and celebrate the physicians who serve their community every day.

Doctors should be recognized for making us well and keeping us well throughout the years.  Whether it’s by sending them a personal note of appreciation, calling them on the phone or thanking them in person, take some time out to show them your appreciation on this day.

The first formal celebration of this event was in 1991.  From the 1933 observance of sending greeting cards and placing flowers on the graves of deceased physicians, the celebration had become more diverse and creative with the passing years.  Through the years, the red carnation has become the symbol of Doctor’s Day.  It was chosen because they represent the qualities of a good doctor, which are sacrifice, compassion, courage and love.

Gene M. Ransom, MedChi’s CEO, says “Most people probably do not realize such a day exists.  This day is a great opportunity to say thanks to your physician for all that they do.”