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LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — Once a week, Century 21 New Millennium Realtors Chris Hill and Mark Frisco ‘Get Real’ with topics surrounding life in Southern Maryland while showcasing local business tastings and highlighting hidden gems in the area.

On this week’s episode, the ninth episode in the series, special guest Rachael Copsey from Southern Trail Distillery in Mechanicsville lets Chris & Mark be the first to try their brand-new Bourbon. 

Rachel talks about how many local people they work with, from farmers to their own staff, and how it creates a ripple effect throughout our community. 

In the first episode, Chris introduces the podcast and says it is an outlet “to share some of those great places we have here in Southern Maryland to go to, and some of the great people.”

Their vision is “sharing that value about Southern Maryland.”

On previous episodes of “Get Real,” Chris and Mark had talks and tastings from Scott Sanders with Tobacco Barn Distillery, Gwyno Novak from No Thyme to Cook, Patty Sparks with The White Rose/Personalized Touch Catering, Nancy & Jim Bosket with Sweet Blue Smoke, and Eileen with Antionette’s Garden

Mark explains the title “Get Real” means to “get real about Southern Maryland stuff.” 

In the first episode, he says, “Let’s have some tough conversations. Let’s dive into development and why growth is important.” 

So far, Chris and Mark have “gotten real” about the rural identity crisis Southern Maryland faces, the worker shortage, and if earning a secondary education degree is worth it.

The “Get Real with Chirs & Mark” Podcast premieres a new episode every Friday at noon. 

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Katie Callander

Writer, Photographer

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  1. Oh wow, look everyone, an opinion driven podcast which is basically an advertising platform for businesses. I wonder which topics are off limits?

  2. Will this be an opportunity to chime in and voice concerns regarding certain people that comment on this site?

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