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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Alex, Katie, and JJ from the BayNet, join Mike and Ethan from Charm City and Wulf Paranormal to investigate the hauntings of Tudor Hall in Leonardtown Maryland.

This year for Halloween, our Ghost Hunting team visited a couple of southern Maryland’s most haunted locations. Throughout their investigations, they found some compelling evidence.

Through out their stay, the team used many devices such as, a REM Pod, a Ghost/Spirit Box, a Music Box, and even performed an Estes Method.

Even though Tudor Hall is one of Leonradtown’s oldest and most historic buildings, paranormal activity is not as common as other areas. The workers and visitors in the building have very little to no experiences.

However, that hasn’t stopped paranormal investigators and believers from investigating the house. Many believers claim that they have found plenty of evidence while in the house.

Before the team began their investigation, one of the employees showed them an old newspaper that had an article on the front page all about the hauntings of Tudor Hall.

Multiple families that have lived in the house described weird paranormal occurrences such as the old broken clock going off every time a member of the family died. Also there was a rocking chair that continued to rock on the portico, even after its occupant had died.

If you want to see what the team found during their stay at Tudor Hall, make sure you check out the video at the top of the page.

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