‘This Bill Has Nothing To Do With Gun Safety’ Maryland House Republicans Ask Governor Moore To Veto SB1

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Senate Bill 1, titled “Gun Safety Act of 2023” will prohibit a person from knowingly wearing, carrying, or transporting a firearm in certain locations and properties unless the owner or owner’s agent has given certain permission in the state of Maryland.

This would prohibit the open carry of guns in Maryland and also restrict carrying a firearm in certain locations such as stadiums, preschools, government buildings, and polling places. Those exempted would be correctional officers, security guards, and employees of an armored car company.

The bill, which has passed both chambers, is now on its way to Governor Wes Moore’s desk. Unless vetoed, the bill will officially go into effect on October 1, 2023.

The Maryland House Republican Caucus sent a letter to Governor Moore on May 12, 2023, asking him to veto this bill which they deem to be “unconstitutional.”

“This bill has nothing to do with gun safety,” the Republican Delegates wrote in their letter. “Instead, in our view, this bill is a de facto ban on the legal wearing and carrying of a firearm in Maryland. As written, this legislation would criminalize the otherwise lawful activities of concealed carry permit holders for merely exercising their rights.”

The letter then went on to explain why the Delegates felt that the bill was unconstitutional, and compared it to the recent bill in New York.

“This bill is unconstitutional. In the Bruen decision, the Supreme Court found that New York’s proper-cause requirement violated the fourteenth amendment ‘in that it prevents law-abiding citizens with ordinary self- defense needs from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.’ The requirements under this bill that expand the locations where carrying is prohibited and require express permission in order to carry in locations not specifically prohibited by law, is, in our view, a violation of an individual’s 14th and 2nd Amendment rights.”

The Delegates also explained why they felt this bill will do very little to help curb gun violence in Maryland.

“The bill will do little to curb the rate of violent crime in Maryland. Prior to the passage of SB 1, Maryland was already home to some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States. Even so, the number of violent crimes committed with firearms has continuously risen over the last several years. Individuals who apply for and received conceal-carry permits in Maryland go through extensive firearm training and criminal background checks. Throughout all of the testimony and debate on this legislation, we have not been provided with even one example of someone with a Maryland concealed carry permit who has used that concealed firearm to commit a violent crime.”

“Every member of the General Assembly wants an end to the violent crime that has been plaguing our state for much too long. The members of our Caucus are willing partners in making Maryland safer. Senate Bill 1 is not the way. We are therefore respectfully requesting your veto of Senate Bill 1.”

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  1. Another unconstitutional bill

    I don’t care what Maryland says, I carry everywhere, my life and my families life are worth more then any law stipulates

  2. This reads more like a press release from the Republican caucus than a news article. Only one perspective is furnished. An actual journalist would have included the view from the perspective of those that voted for the bill

  3. The governor is scheduled to sign the 3 gun control bills at 2 pm on 16 May. Apparently he feels toeing his party line outweighs his constituents 2A rights, and the legislature knows the constitution more so than the SCOTUS…

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