Thomas Stone High School Teacher Flown Out After Altercation With Student

UPDATE: On June 7 at 1:25 p.m., a school resource officer and administrators at Thomas Stone High School were notified of a student who was struck in the head by a book that was thrown by another student while inside a classroom. A group of students arrived to confront the person who threw the book, and a dispute ensued. During the dispute, desks and chairs were being thrown in the classroom and at students who were trying to leave the room. A staff member who was in the room was knocked into a locker and injured. Additional SROs and staff members intervened and stopped the altercation. The employee was flown to a hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening. The student who was hit by the book was also transported to a hospital by ambulance with injuries that did not appear to be life-threatening.

The school resource officer is conducting an investigation, and upon completion, will review the case with the State’s Attorney’s Office regarding criminal charges. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Officer L. Payne at 301-609-3282 Ext. 0452. The investigation is ongoing.

WALDORF, Md. – On June 7, 2022, at approximately 1:41 p.m., reports came in of a teacher who was knocked unconscious after an altercation with a student at Thomas Stone High School.

According to reports, the altercation took place in the main hallway where the 40 year old female was thrown into the lockers.

She then reported vision issues, and was later flown out by Maryland State Police Aviation Trooper 2 to a local trauma center.

A second patient was also transport to the hospital by an ambulance.

Police have not released any details on arrests or charges made at this time.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office and the school resource officers will continue to investigate the assault.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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  1. Ain’t it great? Our new world order under Satan’s sons, Joe & Barack!
    No more games folks! Kids that violent must be removed from regular society and put in a special Military school where they can be restrained for that type of behavior.

      1. It has everything to do with politicians and how they’ve destroyed our society.

        1. Sleuth’s like yourself voted these politicians in… I’ll go back and mention “No Child Left Behind” again.

    1. I was a teacher in this district almost 20 years ago and the problems they’re having now are the exact same problems they were having then…This has nothing to do with Democrat, Republican, etc it has everything to do with lack of proper parenting and accountability! It started way before the current political climate and will continue way after bc no one wants to actually DO anything about it, they just want to complain!

  2. The world has been violent, way before Joe and Obama, blaming them will not solve the issue. It is truly scary and upsetting that kids are resorting to violence, but this isn’t anything new. There truly needs to be reform for these kids, and something to help them with their anger because this is not normal

  3. Satan’s sons your hilarious yeah I am sure this is all Barack and Bidens fault exactly how ignorant and racist are you?

    1. @Not a Racist is exactly just that….The actual racists are the same imbeciles running around calling everyone else a racist while being sure to make a cyber declaration in your profile name claiming not to be one….Irony just goes right over your head, ey?

  4. Anyone else think video games causes some anger 🤬 issues? China’s one of main contributors of game’s.

    1. China? The country that has time restrictions for young kids wanting to play video games for hours? I think the country you want is Japan. Loads and loads of violent and risqué video games there. Also one of the safest countries in the world. A place you can leave your laptop on a cafe table while using the restroom without fear of theft.

  5. All of this violence in these kids is due to the breakdown of the family faith and lack of discipline

  6. “Not a Racist”??? Usually those who say they’re not a racist (or have to use it as a screen name), often are. Probably a militant activist too. Definitely an uninformed one for sure.
    Look up Obama/Biden’s “Promise Program” then come on back with some better insight.
    Oh, and prove me wrong about their father, Satan, the father of all lies after you turn off CNN and open a Bible…

  7. Welcome to joe’s world. Unity? Safety? Inflation. Rampant crime. Open borders. Gas prices. Baby formula. Afghanistan. Good job sir.

    1. Yes I’m sure this kid was upset about gas prices and Afghanistan when he went on a rampage, you nailed it

  8. Video games perhaps,seems these outbursts occur over certain amount of time.I grew up in Charles county,but I will say I was friendly with all kids in every highschool,yes you had to travel 60 miles on a Friday nite but there was never no violence.My kids have graduated high school now.This is a story that is not needed.What is triggering highschool kids to go this way?Mom and Dad issues?God bless our youth.Sorry but totally different time to be a teacher or student.What is the trigger to a teenager to do this.Talk to your children.This country is the best place to live in.I think all teenagers and adults need to remember that.Peace.

  9. They flew that teacher out so they could add additional and/or worse charges to the kid they decide to charge with this!! Smh…..

    1. They flew the patient out because of the type of injury she sustained, and the symptoms she was displaying. EMS in MD have very clear protocols with regards to flying patients out due to traumatic injuries. No way was she flown out to increase the severity of the charges.

  10. What even posses a young child’s mind to do this nonsense, it’s so crazy how the school is not doing anything to solve this life threatening issues

    1. What can the school do?? This is part of the problem… blaming the school. The school itself doesn’t make any decisions. Parents have ruled ever since “No Child Left Behind” came about… a fine Republican piece of legislation that was. Blame our elected officials for dictating what the school can and cannot do.

  11. Expulsion mandatory for those whom placed hands on teacher(s)…
    Parents should be speaking to lawyers .. because at least one of the teachers is going to sue …I HOPE !

  12. The above comments and news hashtags show direct correlation with the truest roots of this issue we are facing. #racebating #politics #crt #greed and then the worst of them are #media and #selfishagendas (ie political correctness bullcrap)
    These ‘children’ are feeling entitled because not all parents are parenting because they are too busy chasing $$$ for their gas tank and food on the table and the ones who are then become forced to accept the bull. Teachers can’t teach, police are fearful of policing, parents are cradling entitled brats, work ethic is being challenged, narcissism is celebrated, geez even the FBI is lying to us in a public forum, we are spending billions to help other countries when we need help HERE!

    So when do we shift to the positive that does exist in the world without having a mass catastrophe or war?!!!

  13. Respect and how to act towards one another begins at home. There also needs to be accountability in our society.

  14. No weapons were involved so that’s a major plus. It’s sad that they still have to group up against one person still, what ever happened to a good old one-on-one fight!

    1. “desks and chairs were being thrown”
      Both are weapons, just like knives, bats & guns, they don’t do anything without some “thing” using them, but it is still a VIOLENT CRIME!
      We need ‘Chair Violence” laws!!!

  15. What is this world coming to? This generation is out of control. There aren’t enough teachers now….and issues like these will make those thinking about a teaching career reconsider. Can’t blame them. But keep building more and more houses in Charles County to bring even more people to the already overcrowded schools where kids can’t learn because they have to watch their back for fear of getting attacked, or don’t want to learn and will be fine with life long government funded support. There must be enforceable consequences to actions like these. Not PBJ, send them to jail. Criminal charges are warranted, not just for the teacher’s sake, but for the students who were trying to escape the melee. Hopefully someone speaks up and names names. I went to this school many years ago. Disgraceful.

    1. I literally just typed that before seeing your comment. I want to leave this county but I have family and friends here. I am glad my children go to private schools because I would have fear every day.

  16. what is going on in charles county? this is like the fifth happening in the last week!! this is what happens when you…build. it is only going to get worse from here. thanks to those commissioners!

  17. Anyone who wants to know what is wrong with this country would simply need to read the comments to this story.

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