Prince Frederick, MD – Former Calvert County Commissioner Barbara Stinnett passed away, July 21.

The former President of Calvert County Democratic Women and a member of the Democratic Central Committee, Stinnett served three terms on the board (1986-1990, 1998-2002, and 2006-2010), defeated in her reelection bid following each.

In addition to her time as county commissioner, Stinnett served as Legislative and Administrative Assistant to State Senator Roy P. Dyson for 14 years. 

“I was saddened to learn of the passing of Barbara, who selflessly served the people of Calvert County and the state of Maryland for many years,” said Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05). “Throughout her time in public service, Barbara worked hard to make life better for families in Calvert County. My thoughts are with Barbara’s children Joyce, Patti, Cliff, and Wesley and the entire Stinnett family during this difficult time.”

A single mother to four children after the early passing of her husband, Buddy Stinnett (36), Stinnett worked five part-time jobs at one point to support her family before remarrying to David Bowen who also tragically passed away shortly after.

Stinnett graduated from Calvert High School after moving from Chicago to D.C., and then D.C. to North Beach in her early life.

Seeking office during a time period where women often didn’t hold primary roles, Stinnett “broke the glass ceiling,” receiving the most votes of any candidate in her first election.

Stinnett told the County Times in 2017 that she considered herself a “New Deal Democrat,” noting that her older brother’s godfather was FDR. She also stated that she felt her biggest accomplishment in office was “helping those ‘little people’ she vowed to serve.”

Though loyal to her party, Stinnett told the times in an interview that both “family and character are more important than party affiliation, stating that her closest friends following a stroke a few years ago were two former Republican delegates from Southern Maryland and current one, Jerry Clark.

As of 2017, Stinnett resided on the farm left to her by her second late husband with one of her daughters.

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