HUNTINGTOWN, Md. — The estate for best-selling author and Maryland-native, Tom Clancy, finally sold off his 537-acre property in Huntingtown, Maryland after being on the market for two years.

The property, which was originally listed for $6.2 million in 2018 but ultimately sold for $4.9 million, featured a 17,000-square-foot primary residence, an underground gun range, tennis courts, multiple other detached units, and a mile of Chesapeake Bay waterfront with beach access.

Baltimore-based realtor, Angel Stevens, said that the property held major significance to Clancy, who passed away back in 2013 at age 66.

“[Peregrine Cliff] is actually a reference in one of his books,” Stevens said, referring to how the property was built to resemble the fictional residence of one of Clancy’s most notable novel characters, Jack Ryan.

While the buyers remained unnamed, Stevens said that although several developers had looked at the massive property which consists of 11 lots, it was eventually purchased by a family.

“It really is just a spectacular property,” Stevens said. “The family who purchased it absolutely love it, and I think they’re gonna make a wonderful addition to the community.”

If anyone still would like the chance to own a piece of Clancy’s property portfolio, his $5.9 million penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton in Baltimore is still on the market. Click HERE to see more details.

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