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LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Early on Tuesday morning, Tropical Storm Isaias brought damaging winds, rainfall, and flooding to the Southern Maryland region. However, a stretch of properties along Point Lookout Road between Leonardtown and Callaway saw damages from a tornado that touched down, according to the National Weather Service.

St. Mary’s County Fire and EMS responded to trees down in the area of Route 5 at approximately 6:19 a.m., according to county records.

In St. Mary’s County at the time of publication, Fire/EMS has responded to 75 calls for trees or power lines down, flooding conditions, or water rescues on Aug. 4. Of those calls, six were listed as water rescues.

Residents and community members were observed in the area through the morning and afternoon, coming together in droves to help alleviate damages caused to the community. Damages seen include cutting off branches from underneath a newly overturned RV, a tree that came down on the roof of a house, several uprooted trees, and scattered debris throughout the area.

In addition to these damages, cases of high waters could be observed throughout other parts of Point Lookout Road. Down by the intersection of Route 5/Indian Bridge Road, floodwaters were invading the Great Mills Trading Post’s properties, as well as the parking lots of the Brass Rail, N&N Oriental Market, and Salt Cycle Studio.

Heading north through Leonardtown, police blocked off the four-lane road just before the PNC Bank, where water was seen streaming across the road and into the woods behind their building. was live on the scene there as police put out the caution tape to see what was going on.

Damages have consisted across the region all day long, with reports from the National Weather Service of another tornado that touched down in Chesapeake Beach this morning.

Charles County has also seen a fair share of flooding and damages caused by Isaias. The Charles County Parks and Recreation announced earlier that Gilbert Run Park would be closed until further notice due to flooding.

Photo collage compiled with pictures from the Charles County Recreation and Parks via Instagram

This is an ongoing story. We will continue to do our best to keep you informed and up-to-date things begin to get cleaned up across the region.

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