Almost two dozen pigs were killed and one firefighter was injured in a blaze that destroyed a historic barn on Darnestown Road in Montgomery County. Officials said that they were unsure of what caused the fire to begin with, but it occurred in an area without fire hydrants, which made fighting the fire difficult.

According to the Washington Post, the fire started at about 3 p.m. on the 18200 block of Darnestown Road in the Poolesville and Dickerson areas. Montgomery County Fire and Rescue responded to the fire, which ultimately destroyed the barn and damaged several other structures on the property.

One firefighter suffered a minor burn, and about 20 young pigs were killed as a result of the fire.

In addition to the difficulty in fighting the blaze due to the lack of fire hydrants, WUSA9 reports that downed power lines on the property also hindered the firefighters’ ability to put the fire out. Responders drew water from a nearby pond until the power lines fell and tanker trucks began supplying the water.

The barn was built before 1909 and was considered to be a prime example of the barn architecture of the time. The barn was 100 feet by 150 feet and was roughly 30 feet high. Barns of this time were typically constructed completely from wood — Amish barns especially, since Amish furniture and structures are known to be made from 100% wood.

Though a number of pigs were killed in the barn fire, a recent report has shown that human deaths in fire in Maryland actually decreased in 2014. According to ABC2, there was a 7% decrease in fatal residential fires in the state in 2014 from 2013.

Fires in residential homes comprised 89% of all fire deaths in Maryland in 2014. In 2013, 69 people died in 59 fires; in 2014, 64 people died in 55 fires.