Planning on getting hitched? Event rentals have become a standard part of saying “I do.” Everybody rents a venue, and a lot of locations require you to find chairs, tables, and other essentials. If you want a sound system and dance floor for an outdoor venue, then you may have to hire somebody to provide those features. If you really want the wedding to be memorable, however, why not defy convention? Surprise your guests with an inflatable bounce house.

People have done weddings with all kinds of themes. Whether the decorations revolve around superheroes or sports teams, the receptions for newlywed millennials can start to look like a kid’s birthday party. But who’s to say that it’s a bad thing? If the bride’s parents are blowing enough money to buy a car, why shouldn’t the occasion be as fun as possible?

Have you planned any kind of special transportation for the bride and groom? Plenty of people use limousine services, but why not explore the other companies that may provide event rentals? How much cooler would it be to get a car from the couple’s favorite movie or some other form of transportation?

The extended family and tons of friends have gathered for the rehearsal dinner, so why not make the experience as fun as possible? Get a bounce house to keep the mood light and hilarious. All kinds of inflatable games are available these days for event rentals, so explore the range of options that could help disparate branches of the soon-to-be-related family get to know each other.

If the two families are more competitive, you could look into getting laser tag or some other team event. The important goal is to help everyone loosen up and enjoy the occasion of being together. A stiff, formal rehearsal dinner can give the occasion the solemnity of a memorial service, and weddings should be opportunities for great celebrations. It’s hard enough to feel relaxed in constricting clothing, so you need the right kinds of activities to set a fun mood.

If children are unruly and hard to entertain, why not get a couple of arcade games? A few retro machines will captivate the adults as much as the youngest generations, and each player’s performance becomes an easy topic of conversation. As you prepare to make a lifelong commitment to another human being, why not marvel at the enduring power of your connection with the classic games. Marriage should be an even bigger adventure, even though both can include pockets emptied of quarters and periods of frustration.

While outlandish event rentals aren’t for everyone, it’s worth putting some thought into ways to make each wedding ceremony unique. The traditional symbols and images of the ceremony are powerful, but each relationship is unique, and unusual choices can help to celebrate the things that make each couple special.

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