UPDATE: 5 Dead After Murder, Suicide In La Plata; GoFundMe Created For Victims
Sunny, Sarah, and Kai

LA PLATA, Md. —On November 4, shortly before 4 p.m., officers responded to the 3000 block of Wildflower Drive in La Plata for the report of a shooting.

Officers with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office and The La Plata Police Department arrived and located the homeowner, who was at the front door and advised he had returned home from work and discovered five persons deceased in the house.

Officers entered and located two women and three men with trauma to their bodies.

A preliminary investigation revealed the suspect, Andre Sales, 28, who resides at a different residence, entered the house and killed his ex-girlfriend, Sara Mann, 21; her brother, Kai Mann, 18; their mother, Sommaly Mann, 48; and another male who was inside, Javon Watson, 23 of White Plains.

Sales then shot himself with a gun, which was recovered. There were two young children who were initially unaccounted for, but they were located a short time later safe and unharmed at a different location.

Investigators and forensic personnel are still processing evidence and interviewing family and friends to establish a motive.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore will perform autopsies to confirm the exact cause of death for each person.

The Boutsady and Mann families created a GoFundMe for Sunny, Sarah, and Kai here:


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    1. Three funerals to pay for, plus two young children who are now orphans… no amount of money will ever be enough.

  1. No man who is aggressive in a relationship is worth any woman’s time.
    If he is aggressive towards you he – does not love you. He just wants you so he can control you.

    Real love does not involve aggression and control.

    Prayers for the victims and families of this terrible tragedy.

    1. General advice doesn’t apply to every relationship. Some women prefer to be “controlled.” Others prefer “aggressive” men. This doesn’t mean that those men are bad, it’s just what those women prefer. None of this may apply to what happened here so you should probably keep your advice to the gossip pages.

      1. No, any relationship where a woman is being controlled or treated aggressively is not a healthy relationship.

        Such relationships are emotionally abusive and some of those can even become physically abusive and dangerous.

        1. Again, how is a woman’s relationship with her significant other any of your business? Your opinion implies that is what happened in this situation. It also implies the shooter created this situation because of his “controlling” and “aggressive” nature. None of us know ALL of the circumstances or the mind set of anyone involved in this heinous crime. If you were a witness to the crime as it happened in the house, you need to talk to the authorities. Speculation and rumors serve no purpose other than to inflame the ignorant.

    1. No such place exists, all that nonsense is made up, just like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, Peter pan, bugs bunny……….

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