van hollen
van hollen

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) released the following statement regarding Putin’s decision to expand Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

“Vladimir Putin’s decision to expand Russia’s attack on the people and territory of Ukraine will cause massive human suffering. He will have blood on his hands. 

“As President Biden has made clear: we must answer this attack immediately with comprehensive and punishing economic sanctions imposed by every member of NATO, our other European partners, and freedom-supporting nations around the world. I wholeheartedly support the Administration’s actions so far – and now is a time to go further and deploy our toughest economic sanctions. The United States and our allies must also provide the Ukrainian resistance with the weapons they need to fight Russian occupation. And we should continue taking action to reinforce NATO troops in the frontline states. I am thankful for the American and allied service members who are already providing vital support. 

“We stand with the people of Ukraine against this cold-blooded and unprovoked aggression. Putin must be made to rue the day he unleashed this unprovoked violence in the heart of Europe. We must ensure that his action is remembered as an epic miscalculation.

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  1. Great, Mr. Van Hollen! Thank you for recognizing the unfortunate news coming from the Ukraine. What about the invasion of thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants crashing our borders? Where is your statement about that situation? Oh, I forgot, you support that onslaught of our southern border.
    I am not minimizing the seriousness of what is happening in the Ukraine. it is tragic and the grief will resound, but you have been very silent about the invasion(invasion might be a bit strong in light of what’s happening in the Ukraine) occurring on our southern border. How about addressing that situation!

  2. Your comments do and were intended to minimize what is going on overseas. Don’t act like you meant anything different.

    The two situation have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

    “Invasion” is a stupid term to use for our immigration issues on the southern border.

    It is worth noting that you made no suggestions whatsoever about the southern border. All you did was whine.

    1. Well what do you call it mr know it all? A open invitation? How about you go to the border and greet them as they come in and spread Covid like wildfire

  3. “But I did.” Grow up No Clue. What are you going to do next, stick your fingers in your ears, wave your hands and stick your tongue out at me?

    Your posts couldn’t possbily be more childish, irrelevant and lacking in intellectual content.

      1. No Clue, you are so pathetic.
        Why don’t you try presenting a relevant argument or a point that makes sense?
        You have failed miserably, as you always do.

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