WALDORF, Md. – Behold the turtles! They make progress when they stick their necks out…and when they get help from their human friends!   

Last week, this big guy was having trouble crossing the roadway. He was taking his sweet time not knowing the potential danger he was in. As luck would have it, a compassionate and turtle-loving police officer happened upon on the scene.

From Sgt. J. Cooney: “I was driving on St. Francis Drive in my marked patrol car and I saw cars swerving near the intersection of St. Matthew’s Drive. As I went to investigate, I saw it – this huge turtle. I stopped my car to protect him from being hit, turned on my cruiser’s lights and emergency flashers, and did what anyone would do…. I called someone else!” 

Actually, Sgt. Cooney was going to move the giant turtle himself, but he wasn’t sure of the safest way since he knew it was a snapping turtle that can move its head quickly and snap off a finger. He called Lt.  Voorhaar, “who knows a lot about all things wilderness,” and Lt. Voorhaar arrived to assist.  After a few minutes, the giant snapping turtle was back in a nearby pond and on to his next adventure. 

“Giant T”, his nickname, gave a huge shout-out to Sgt. Cooney and Lt. Voorhaar for sticking their necks out, picking him up, and getting him off the roadway as soon as possible