Commemorative to Enslaved Peoples of Southern Maryland

ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. – We are pleased to announce that the Commemorative to Enslaved Peoples of Southern Maryland has been selected as a top 100 public art project by CODAworx, a global online community that celebrates design projects that feature commissioned artwork.

Please visit CODAworx online and vote for the Commemorative as the 2022 People’s Choice.

The College’s Commemorative to Enslaved Peoples of Southern Maryland provides visitors with the space to acknowledge and learn from the lives of those who once toiled here, while providing a place for reflection and introspection about the nature of slavery and its connections to modern society.

Construction of the Commemorative began in July 2019.

The project was completed on October 31, 2020 and opened to the public on November 21, 2020.

Shane Allbritton and Norman Lee, RE:site Studio, were the creators behind the project.

Learn more about how St. Mary’s College honors the enslaved by visiting

By Gretchen Phillips – SMCM

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  1. Waste of money
    Spend that money on getting thugs off the street so we aren’t enslaved by their criminal activity

    1. I’m curious how you believe St. Mary’s College, who funded and built this project on the school’s property, should instead be using the school’s money for arresting “thugs” and getting them off the street

      1. Anonymous
        U are right about our history of slavery and try not to respect again,but learn from it. This should have been taught in our homes and school and now we are deal with guns in our school.
        Our homes on are being full with domestic violence what happen today criminal activity over our county.
        When are we going to put prayer back in school and learn morals and values that help build a communities back to normalcy.
        I found a history repeats itself is never going to change until we changes and have love in our heart and respect for one another.

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