North Beach MD Town Hall roof

North Beach, MD – Many local residents drive by North Beach Town Hall each and every day, but did you know that this building has a green roof? That’s right, a vegetated roof is one of the energy saving devices employed by the Town Hall.

The green roof slows the run-off of water, which reduces the potential for local erosion and lessens pollutants to be carried to the Chesapeake Bay. The vegetated roof also adds a thermal benefit to the building by being inherently low heat gain, as compared to normal roofs which heat up and increase localized temperatures. This low heat gain attribute and the natural aspiration of moisture by the plants lowers the air temperatures over the roof thus reducing the air conditioning cooling needs for fresh air coming into the building.

The green roof of North Beach Town Hall captures the first one inch of rain. The plants on the roof are succulent varieties, meaning they store water within. When it rains, the plants absorb water thus reducing rain run-off from the roof. The plants are also drought resistant which means they do not need to be watered in the summer.  Now you know what’s growing on the roof!