La Plata, MD – For those who think it is all right to arrive at court a little late, Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West might have something to say about that.

When Kentyra Yucinda Eboney Harris, 22 of Waldorf, failed to appear for her criminal jury trial on theft charges Wednesday, Jan. 21, West issued a bench warrant as requested by Charles County Assistant State’s Attorney John Stackhouse.

Harris showed up at the courtroom well after at 10 a.m.

“Your case was set for 9:30 a.m.,” West told the defendant when she arrived. “You know a bench warrant was issued,” he told her.

“Yes, your honor,” Harris said. “I was here at 9:30 but I couldn’t find a place to park. The parking lot was full.”

“Your honor, I just want to put on the record that the defendant contacted me at 10:10 a.m.,” Stackhouse said.

“I saw her when she came in,” West added.

“We do have an issue,” West told Harris. “I guess the parking lot could be full. There are some things happening in the court room which calls into question your story,” he noted.

“A bench warrant has been issued,” he told her. “You will be in custody until your bond review.”

With that, the deputy placed Harris in handcuffs, and in a nice gesture, wiped her eyes when she cried.

Harris was facing trial on four counts of theft less than $1,000.

Her attorney, Mike McGraw, asked for a motion to have his appearance “stricken in this matter.”

West said that a public defender would be appointed to take Harris’ case.

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