Mandy L. Dean 

Dameron, MD— On May 6, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Foor responded to St. Jeromes Neck Road in Dameron for the report of an assault in progress.

When Foor arrived on the scene, he made contact with the victim who advised, “His wife assaulted him during an argument, and that she was very intoxicated,” according to charging documents. 

The defendant was identified as Mandy L. Dean, 36, of Dameron. The victim stated that while they were arguing, Dean punched him in the left side of the face with her left fist. The victim stated Dean went inside to the bathroom, closed the door locking him out of the bathroom and started screaming to stop hitting her. 

Foor made contact with a witness who stated, “she heard people arguing and did not see anyone hit anyone,” according to charging documents. The witness stated that he saw the victim was standing in the hallway outside of the bathroom, and could hear Dean screaming, ‘stop hitting me’ while she had locked herself in the bathroom.” 

The witness also stated after this incident Dean left the residence. Foor made contact with Dean after she returned to the residence. According to charging documents, “Dean had blood on her face” and claimed to be the victim in the altercation.

Foor contacted the witness to ask if Dean had blood on her face before her leaving the residence. The witness advised, “That Dean did not have blood or markings on herself before her leaving the residence,” according to charging documents. 

Foor did observe the victim had a swollen left eye that was bruised. The victim stated that the bruising was caused by Dean before she left the residence. 

Dean at this time does not have a scheduled court date. Dean faces a maximum jail sentence of 10 years and/or a maximum fine of $2,500.

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