25 Marijuana Plants Seized In Anne Arundel County
25 Marijuana Plants Seized In Anne Arundel County

PASADENA, Md. – Earlier this year, the Eastern District Tactical Narcotics Team received a citizen complaint of drug activity in the 8100 block of Waterford Road in Pasadena.

They immediately initiated an investigation and, on July 14, 2022, executed a search and seizure warrant. 

During the warrant, 25 marijuana plants with a street value of over $20,000.00 were seized as well as approximately 20 grams of harvested marijuana.

While on scene, officers learned that the home is a registered in-home child care center.

The Office of Child Care Quality for the State of Maryland was made aware.

Kyle Wilson, a 21-year-old from that address, was charged accordingly.

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    1. Folks aren’t growing hemp plants all hush hush like that…. You really think narcotics didn’t make sure of the THC before the seizure? BTW cannabis is used for seizures (different than previous) by people who suffer from them which is why it should be legal federally, allowed to be grown and used medically as well as recreationally. Maybe 🙄 someday 🙄

      1. They don’t check, if you tell them it is hemp, they accuse you of having ‘hot’ hemp and confiscate it all regardless whether it is CBD cannabis or not. They take it to the lab where they test it and then say it all converted to THC. I know people this has happened to in Maryland.
        Hemp for Food, Fuel, Medicine, and Fiber. Hemp for Victory. Hemp hemp hooray

    1. Hence the reason they probably grew it for personal use….. free the weed! Plants over pills!

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