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WALDORF, Md. – One of the primary plights that some residents of Charles County hold is that to participate in most community activities, it is typically necessary to travel out of the immediate area. 

Elected to his position in 2018 and seeking re-election, Senator Arthur Ellis[D] of District 28 in Charles County seeks to bring as many amenities to the area as possible. 

Photo Credit: Addison Likins

His latest endeavor has taken the form of a government funding initiative to build a new urban park and amphitheater in Waldorf. The park will be Waldorf’s first state park and will be built around O’Donnell Lake near the Waldorf West Public Library.

“I’ve worked hard over several years to secure the funding for this project in the heart of Waldorf. It will be a place to sit and enjoy the vibrant beauty of the trees, watch the ducks in the pond, and enjoy outdoor presentations. There will be concerts and plays available in the amphitheater. Use of the space will be free of charge for residents and paid for by tax dollars,” Ellis said. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Pommerenck

On Thursday, October 27th, Ellis presented a check for $3.1 million to the West Lake Business Association to fund the new park and amphitheater at the site where it will be built around O’Donnell Lake. A subsequent presentation was held at Red Tails Ocean Grille across the street from the site, before a reception celebrating the momentous occasion. 

The Maryland Great Outdoors Act, or Senate Bill 541, was passed in response to the significantly increased demand for outdoor spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. The parks were oversubscribed during that time, and some parks even had to turn away potential patrons. 

Photo Credit: Lindsey Pommerenck

Close to a quarter of a billion dollars will be spent on this initiative over the next few years. Ellis said he is glad that Charles County can benefit from this crucial bill. 

With a smile on his face, Ellis shared this closing remark – “In a relatively short period of time, the people of Southern Maryland will have a place in Waldorf to come to exercise, take pictures, and enjoy a concert or play at the amphitheater. Our hope is that it will be open within the next year or so.”

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  1. We have residents who are unable to heat their homes because of the soaring cost of heating fuel, a growing number of “tent communities”, and people literally starving…and we need to look at ducks? Glad we have our priorities in order…what a JOKE. Enjoy your kickbacks Senator.

    1. Most of those problems sound like personal responsibilities, not issues for the government to solve on behalf of the citizen. Government is for help, not a handout and if that is where your comment was directed then spot on, but far too often people are looking for the handout.

    2. Get in position to help bring the change you want to see instead of bringing the negativity. I pray your life and outlook improves. Good day!

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