LEONARDTOWN, Md. — Have you ever wanted to live out your greatest professional golfing fantasies of playing in the PGA? Ever wanted to play on the most famous golf courses in the world without having to pay thousands of dollars to do so? 

Above Par Golf in Leonardtown can help make those dreams come true.

Above Par Golf is a recreational golf and entertainment service that focuses on bringing a fun side of golf to a new audience through simulation gameplay. 

Guests can play on over 35 different PGA courses, practice their swings, play multiple other sports, or play a variety of mini-games. 

Lessons and youth Summer camps are also available to little ones looking to learn the game.

In addition, the company also takes part in sponsoring several different golf tournaments in Mechanicsville.

The company’s owner, Ryan Goldsborough, has even provided visitors with demos to explain how the system works.

“The games, if you hit this main menu, this is all golf stuff, the systems do golf first. You can press practice and go out to the driving range or if you wanna practice close to the hole, you can do that too…If you just wanna go play Pebble Beach you can cut straight to the most famous Pebble Beach hole with the press of the button.”

Mr. Goldsborough also discussed some technical details that help the simulation function properly. 

To detect your swing, the system uses multiple high-speed and infrared cameras to capture data. When someone goes to take a swing at the start, there is a camera right above them capturing and analyzing the data of how the user swings the club.

The infrared cameras in the corners track the data of the golf ball to determine how far it will go and where it will land.

All captured data is combined and used to determine how well one is playing.

The business is on backorder for additional simulator sports and games and hopes to add them in the coming months.

Those interested in visiting Above Par can find them online at https://www.abovepar.golf/

Their address is 26288 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown, MD 20650.  

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