🚤⛵️🚨 Boater Safety Awareness Alert 🚨🛥🛶

Important Notice: New Harry Nice/Mac Middleton Bridge update. Please reference the attached map. Effective immediately (7.16.20), per USCG, an exclusionary zone has been set up for bridge construction activities.

All boaters are required to use the main shipping channel for transit up and down river from the bridge(s). Additionally, boaters need to remain at least 500 feet north of the existing bridge as indicated by the horizontal red line running across the river and parallel to the existing bridge.

Boaters should exercise extreme caution around the four mooring buoys on the map (M1 – M4). Cables run from the mooring buoys to barges and equipment.

Any questions related to bridge activities can be directed to 888-994-1415. Calls will be responded to within 24 hours.