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CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. — The Town of Chesapeake Beach recently put out a reminder that citizens shouldn’t partake in uncontrolled burns without water nearby.

This came after volunteer firefighters were called to the scene of a large brush fire on Saturday, March 5. The town put out the following message as a reminder:

“At 11:45 hours on March 5, Brush 1, Engine 11, Engine 12, Gator 1, Chief 1, Chief 1A and Chief 1B were dispatched for a brush fire in the area of the water tower on the Chesapeake Beach Railway trail.

Units found a large brush fire burning in the woods and in the marsh. Additional units were requested bringing multiple units from Co. 2, Co. 5, Co. 6, Co. 7, AAE9, AAE42, PG Airboat 847, PG E827, Charles County Airboat 1008, DNR Forestry Units and the CCSO. In total, units had over 5 acres of woods and marsh land on fire. Units remained on scene for approximately 8 hours and cleared the scene at 2000 hours.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. One firefighter was transported to the hospital with a minor injury. He is in good spirits and recovering at home.

The NBVFD reminds citizens not to partake in uncontrolled burns without a water source on standby. Wildfires can spread out of control extremely easy and are extremely dangerous to life and property. For more information please click here.

The Town of Chesapeake Beach sends great appreciation to our first responders!”

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  1. Well kids, this is what happens when you play with matches, what’s really important is that the individuals had zero care for the hundreds of homes in this area, good job volunteers to keep this fire from spreading to the neighborhood

  2. Heard some concerning info…The word on the street is that someone walked off with some Fire Department chainsaws…If true the person(s) whom did this is a POS!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised, the Communist walked off with the last election . What’s a few chainsaws matter ?
      Thanks to our Volunteers…

      1. This is literally the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen on the internet, like since 1996. Zip it.

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