Everyone gets older and yet they long for looking younger no matter what their age. Since the dawn of time, humans have searched for the fountain of youth and ways to live longer if not become immortal. Now that we are living into the 100s, a lot of people are going to great lengths to look younger than they are starting as early as 20 years old.

Plastic surgery and botox are the more extreme options that people put themselves through to achieve the look they desire. Getting cut and sown up so certain body parts remain up and not sagging costs a pretty penny. Botox is where you get injections into your face to cover and prevent wrinkles, but it’s essentially poison and you look either surprised all the time or have no emotion at all because it freezes your face from normal facial reactions.

Creams, serums, lotions and pills are on the less extreme end of the spectrum but those costs add up as well. While it may make you feel better to dish out $50 for a special face lotion promising age defiance, there’s only so much a moisturizer can do.

Long ago, smile lines and wrinkles denoted wisdom of our elders. Today, it makes you old and useless. However, do you really want your grandma to look like your sister and not the lovable woman who helped raise you to be who you are today?

As a society, we put so much stock into how we look. Vanity is one of the top priorities for most Americans. So much so that better looking people tend to get better jobs and work up the ladder faster. Wrinkles on your face are unacceptable… how about wrinkles on your brain?! That’s far more important.

Eating healthy, doing the things that bring you joy and yes a bit of moisturizing all bring out the inner youth. You exude a glow of happiness and goodness that people are naturally attracted toward. When you turn to the knife for that and end up looking like you are eternally stuck in a wind tunnel and your lips are bigger than your hair, that does not attract people. Why not age gracefully as the world intended?

Do you agree that everyone should age gracefully or are you in full support of fighting off aging?

Babbling B