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MILLERSVILLE, Md. – On February 16, 2022, officers responded for a report of a scam in which an elderly couple was tricked into giving $9,000.00 to the suspects.

The suspects made the victims believe that their son was arrested and needed $9,000.00 for bail money. While officers were still at the house taking the report for the $9,000.00 scam the suspect/s called back stating he/they needed another $20,000.00.

The suspect/s arrived back at the dwelling to obtain the $20,000.00 and were taken into custody.

This is not a new scam nor is it unique to this area. The FBI has been investigating similar cases across the county. There are various versions of this type of scam. Some of the most common are “bail money” and “kidnapping” scams.

For more information please review the below FBI press releases. Anyone with any information is asked to call the TipLine at 410-222-4700.

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  1. Please pay attention To this warning. Though I have no idea how these criminals found my cell phone number I was called with this exact scam. Fortunately I did not fall for this. We immediately reported to police (two of our sons are LEO in MD.)

  2. Great… Villains caught. Nice work LEO. So happy I did not fall for their scam. They tried. Have no idea how they got my cell number. What they failed to discover that two of my son’s are LEO. 😱Surprise.

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