Mechanicsville, MD.– Live bands playing on three different stages rocked the Chesapeake Greens all day with local and mainstream bands bring their best performances to the crowds.

The gates opened at noon and the place didn’t stop rocking until 10 p.m. Guests had the pleasure to watch three bands play at one time. Guests also experienced a full hour of JT Woodruff playing on the acoustic stage.

Park Rock featured large bands such as Texas in July, Hawthorne Heights and Carousel Kings. There was also a good mixture of local talent that worked side by side with larger bands to understand what it takes to make it in the music industry.
Fred Heather, Park Rock event coordinator, was very happy with the turnout and how the staff handled the wet weather this year.

“This is our end of the summer blowout, what we try to do at Park Rock is bring in large bands and mix them in with the local bands. The local bands really benefit from this, they see how hard you have to work to make it to the next stage,” said Heather.

This year the weather was much like last year’s–rainy and wet, But Park Rock went on without any issues. Heather said, “We did much better than last year handling the rain, and our turnout was much better as a result,” said Heather. 

“Our next event approaching is in January, February and March. It is called Guitar Festival, and we are featuring a band named The Back Poarch Band. This event will be held at Three Notch Theater,” said Heather.

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