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Bowie Police Department Investigates Hateful Propaganda Flyers

Our agency is aware of conversations taking place online regarding a call for service that took place today, Saturday, February 19, 2022, along Crosswick Turn which involved flyers containing hateful material being left in residential driveways. This afternoon, an online post was made stating that Bowie Officers were placing this material. We recognize that this is a serious accusation and welcome the opportunity to make a public comment on this incident.

At approximately 10:20 AM, the Bowie Police Department responded to Crosswick Turn for the report of political propaganda material being left in residents’ driveways. Once on scene, officers observed cards with anti-Semitic and political propaganda placed in plastic bags, weighted down with corn, throughout many driveways.

Officers collected the flyers and spoke with several residents; the area was cleared around 11:07 AM. After receiving word that online comments were being made suggesting officer-involvement, a review of body camera footage was conducted. The responding officers were shown to be clearing the material from the area only and commenting on the importance of removing the material.

We applaud their work in ensuring the hateful messages were disposed of properly. The Bowie Police Department is actively investigating this incident to determine the origin. As a precaution, we’ve increased patrols in these neighborhoods. If you received a flyer, contact us at 240-544-5700.

If a resident has an exterior home security camera that may have captured video relevant to this incident, please save the media and forward to our department. You can do so by emailing or submitting through

Unfortunately, reports of these weighted bags filled with hateful material are taking place across our country, even within neighboring counties. We want to make it clear that there is no place for hatred or these despicable acts in the Bowie community.

We encourage anyone who has information on this incident to contact us at 240-544-5700.

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  1. “political propaganda”?
    Does this mean the next time someone gets a vote for the weasel Hoyer flier, in their mailbox, Steny can get arrested? Cool!

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