PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — The Nuclear Powers Maryland recently hosted a Calvert Chamber of Commerce virtual event to discuss how they will use nuclear energy in the future, which could help create more jobs and provide a carbon-free energy source.

Nuclear Powers Maryland is a new statewide coalition of like-minded organizations that support Maryland’s transition to clean energy by embracing its benefits. This organization launched its campaign with a virtual event that highlighted its plans and beliefs.

Meanwhile, the Nuclear Powers of Maryland group is trying to get Maryland leaders more familiar with the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant which provides carbon-free energy to the state.

“Maryland had a goal for it to be clean and renewable energy by 2040. To be clean and renewable, nuclear power, our number one source of clean energy, was not a part of the equation,” Mark Frisco, board chairman of Calvert County Chamber of Commerce, said during the event. “We are currently in a climate where I think most of the public and some of our legislators do not know the benefits of nuclear power. Today is a great example of a way to provide some education on the benefits of nuclear power in Maryland.”

The event had four panelists who highlighted how Maryland has joined states around the country in passing legislation to combat climate change, but they need to take action if they hope to achieve 100% clean energy by 2040.

“There is potential for nuclear energy to grow here in Maryland. For Maryland, we can be a nuclear leader, not only in the nation but in the world,” Frisco said. “I see it two ways. One way nuclear energy does not have much of a future. The second way is if we can educate the community on the benefits of nuclear energy, we could be that world leader here in Maryland.”

Nuclear Powers Maryland believe Maryland can lead the charge because of the Calvert Cliffs plant.

“To provide the amount of carbon-free electricity produced by Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, we would have to build a solar farm three times the size of Annapolis or install windmills three times the size of Baltimore,” Jennifer Norris, Manager at Calvert Cliffs, said.

Calvert Cliff employs a highly skilled workforce that provides over 700 family-sustaining jobs to Marylanders. Also, the power plant paid $22.9 million in property taxes for the fiscal year 2020, which is a significant amount of property taxes in Calvert County, with a contribution of $397 million to the state’s economy.

Although Calvert Cliffs have a significant impact on the economy and energy sourcing, it arguably does not get enough attention. Only 54% of Maryland opinion leaders show they are familiar with the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.

As Maryland transitions to clean energy, Calvert Cliffs will still need to reduce its carbon emission and get more attention since it is a focal point of this movement. Groups are still looking to keep Maryland on track to have 100% clean energy by 2040.

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