PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — Following the decision from the Maryland General Assembly, the Calvert County Commissioners individually signed letters saying that Calvert County Public Schools and the Board of Education has no authority to enforce local mask mandates in schools.

Commissioners Steve Weems, Chris Gadway, Earl “Buddy” Hance, Kelly McConkey and Mike Hart[all Republican] each signed onto an individual copy of the letter below:

“To Whom It May Concern:

Today, the Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review (AELR) announced they’ve rescinded the statewide COVID-19 mask mandate in Maryland. Therefore, neither the Calvert County Board of Education (BOE), nor Calvert County Public School (CCPS) staff have the authority to enforce a local mask mandate in CCPS school buildings.

Indoor mask requirements in the early stage of the pandemic were crucial while we understood the science surrounding COVID-19. The data has become clear – children should no longer be required to wear masks in schools. I believe many children face issues with mask-wearing because it can impair non-verbal communication cues, which can create learning delays. I believe in parental choice and that it’s important for parents to have a voice in this matter. Parents should have the right to choose whether their child wears a mask in school unless, and until, the BOE follows its adopted procedures to implement a formal policy on the subject.

As with all decisions, there will be individuals who support wearing masks in school and those who do not. I understand and empathize with both opinions and continue to put the safety or our students and citizens at the forefront of any decision made.”

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  1. Oh, now we see. These fellas get some cojones only [I]after[/I] Fat Larry wanted the mask mandates to end. Something like follow the leader. Prior to this they were, “following the science”, using that flawed BS to restrict people’s freedoms.

  2. This puts teachers and administrators in a horrible position. Why not wait the two weeks? No what happens come Monday? This is not a learning environment- it is a political pissing match!

  3. Getting involved in mask mandates? Why not pay attention to the drugs and crimes now occurring in our county. Robberies, drunk driving, drug stops right on RT 4. Fight for real safety instead of jumping on a silly bandwagon about a mask. The school officials can handle this and have already determined that a lift of the mandate will happen soon.

  4. Pete
    Never vote for anyone with an Ed. degree to serve on a school board. The Ed.
    schools produce nothing but “Woke” left wing ninnies.

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