Calvert Marine Museum Announces 2023 Waterside Music Series Lineup!

SOLOMONS, Md. – This summer, the Waterside Music Series taking place at the Calvert Marine Museum’s Motto Mortgage Preferred & RE/MAX One Pavilion will feature four exciting concerts!

May 26th – Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch is a 37-year-old Country artist from Tullahoma, Tennessee. The country star has released five studio albums with eight number-one hits including top songs such as “Where It’s At,” “Thinking ‘Bout You,” Small Town Boy,” and more!

June 24th – Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley is a 54-year-old Reggae singer, and is the son of the legendary Bob Marley. Marley has released eight studio albums featuring hits such as “One Love,” True to Myself,” and “Love is My Religion.” 

July 27th – Lee Brice with Elle King

Lee Brice is a 43-year-old Country artist from Sumter, South Carolina. The country star has released five studio albums including songs such as “One of The Girls,” “Hard To Love,” and “Memory I Don’t Mess With.”

Alongside Brice, Elle King will also be performing on the 27th. King plays a mix of country, rock, and blues. She is best known for her hit single “Ex’s & Oh’s.” The star has released three studio albums including songs such as “Drunk,” “America’s Sweetheart,” and “Can’t Be Loved.”

August 26th – Brett Young

Brett Young is a 42-year-old Country Pop singer from Anaheim, California. Young is best known for his hit song “In Case You Didn’t Know.” Young has released seven studio albums including songs such as “Mercy,” “Like I Loved You,” and “Here Tonight.”

Ticket information for all concerts will be released at a later date.

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  1. Other than Ziggy, is it that hard to get something other than ‘country’ music? All of the bands out there and this is the best they can do? Seriously? Who’s running that department?

    1. You do live in Southern Maryland!!!
      I agree with you though Ziggy Marley 100%
      – and today’s Country is pretty good – but SERIOUSLY 4 concerts for an entire Summer that’s it??? Then 3 of the 4 are solely directed to born & raised Locals – DISGUSTING… IT’S 2023 PEOPLE & there IS SOOOOO MANY Pop-Rock, Top 20 Bands, Heck even Rock bands in the World to give Country Artists 75% of the 4 shows only ALL Summer lineup. Continuation of closed minded Locals!!! :-(‘’

    2. How about we have the concerts in your backyard? The reason they only have a few is because this venue isn’t on a large property out in the country – it’s located in the middle of homes and neighborhoods who were here long before the museum decided to have concerts.

  2. There is a Nashville singer song writer named Jimmy Charles that would be awesome to have come here. He is a Maryland naïve

  3. Defund the Calvert Marine Museum until they get their act together and bring back bands other than these god awful country singers that appeal to a much smaller subset of people. Appears they have been taking the lazy route of late going only with country groups, the easiest groups to sign on for a gig. Low hanging fruit and all that. There are still plenty of great bands that would sign on as part of their annual tour schedules, and yet, CMM just can’t seem to get its act together.

    1. You want to defund the museum because they haven’t met your musical needs? Jeez, that’s kind of over reacting. Remember they’re a museum, and a darn good one, and the concerts are to bring in additional funding for programs. If you want to hear music that meets your needs go to DC or Baltimore. If you want to have a good evening listening to music under the stars go to CMM.

  4. How about our local bands play together with other genre like Any Given Sin who is rock and Sam Grow who is country put together several in 1 show so everyone gets a taste of something different?

    1. How about a no. There is a reason many of us go to DC, Baltimore, Merriweather/Nissan – Wolftrap- because they get good bands.

    2. Why would I pay to see local bands there when I can see them for free at one of the hundreds of dive bars in this area they play at?

  5. Based on the song titles I should be loving it, but a bunch of mid-low tier country acts has sadly become the norm. I get it, it’s a fundraiser and apparently they’ve decided that country sells and they probably book them fairly cheap. Ziggy could be fun.

  6. I never heard of any of the singers listed. Apparently, they aren’t that famous. It is disaapointing that getting some real talent isn’t in the cards for this year. Perhaps next year.

  7. People have to realize that with the plague finally being for all intents and purposes over, the musicians are charging top dollar to make up what they lost over the last 2 years. Look at the insane prices at venues in DC, Baltimore and NOVA. When ticket prices are that high you know the venue had to pay a lot of $$$ to the artists to perform. CMM is a museum. They make additional funding from the concert series. If you’re disappointed let them know and just don’t go. If you are excited make sure to go and support a wonderful museum.

  8. Was thinking Gabriel and Clapton could fly in on helicopters and play 4 hrs with Elton closing out and McCartney signing Tshirts

    1. I’ve seen country, rock, n Southern Rock down here. It’s probably tough for them to get bands n singers to come all the way down here and for a relatively small crowd but I hope they keep trying.

  9. I’m sure the selection of music groups are selected on a few things. First the cost the the entertainer will except and the size of the venue. Availability is the other. Of course the demographics and the likelihood of getting enough patrons to buy tickets. I don’t think the Museum is going to loose money if the they book a group that they can’t sell tickets. Sorry I just don’t see how this small venue can attract more performers and be profitable.

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