Prince Frederick, MD – The Board of Licensed Commissioners of Calvert County (The Liquor Board) held its monthly meeting Thursday, April 26 at the Harriet Brown Community Center. Six agenda items dealt with license issuances—two applications for new licenses, three license transfers and one change in class license.
The most provocative discussion of the evening occurred during consideration of an application for a new license from the operators of Fujiyama, a restaurant serving Asian cuisine and sushi in Dunkirk. The applicants were seeking a Class B “On Sale” Beer and Wine License. During testimony, the restaurant’s attorney, Larry Cumberland, would ask applicant Qingwu Gao questions, which would then be relayed in Chinese to Qingwu by co-applicant Wei Gao. That raised the concerns of Board Chairman Robert Arscott, who wondered if Qingwu would be able to grasp the specifics of the Maryland liquor laws in light of the fact that he neither speaks nor reads English. Cumberland said Qingwu has a Green Card and “he understands the business.” Using finger signals—holding up two fingers on one hand and one finger on the other, Qingwu showed the board he understood the legal drinking age in Maryland is 21. Wei Gao assured the board that either he or his fiancé will be in the business during its hours of operation. Additionally, while Qingwu and another applicant who also doesn’t speak English will be licensees, they are cooks and will be working in the kitchen.

“If you leave you have to lock the door,” Arscott told Wei Gao.
Board member Jack Smack said it would be a good idea to have a copy of Maryland’s liquor laws written in Chinese available at the restaurant for the licensees to reference.

The Fujiyama’s request for a Class B license was approved unanimously.
In other action, the board granted transfer of licenses to Lusby Liquors (JEEL Inc.), transferring a Class A “Off Sale” Beer, Wine and Liquor License; Yo Mammas (NPG LLC) of Prince Frederick; transferring a Class B “On Sale” Beer, Wine and Liquor License; and The Dry Dock Restaurant, Pool Bar (Beverage Zahnisers LLC). A change in license class was granted to Kelly Guilfoyle Ward and Amanda Rutledge Comer of Kim’s Key-Lime Pies (Lotus Kitchen LLC) of Solomons. The business now has a Class B “On Sale” Beer, Wine and Liquor License. That same license class was granted to Gwyn Denton Novak of No Tyme to Cook LLC of Solomons.

The Liquor Board members also entertained a request from Dan Williams of the Calvert Elks Lodge—along with attorney/lodge member Cal Steuart—to receive formal guidance from the board and its attorney about whether the lodge’s current liquor license will cover any outdoor events on its Dares Beach Road property. Steuart said it is the lodge’s belief that the license covers the whole premises and that there isn’t a need to request a one-day license to hold an outdoor event on the property. “We have several events planned for the summer,” said Williams.
Board attorney David C. Weigel will render an opinion on the matter at an upcoming meeting.

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