CCSO Welcomes Three New K-9 Teams

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is proud to announce the graduation and deployment of three new K-9 teams. After an extensive 18-week training program, these three deputies and their four-legged partners are ready to assist in the mission of protecting and serving the citizens of Calvert County.

Canines are a vital tool for law enforcement and are trained in the areas of patrol, narcotics, locating missing persons, building searches, apprehending criminals, evidence recovery, crowd control, obedience, and protecting their handlers.
Introducing the RUFFest rookies around:

🟢 DFC N. Barger and partner K-9 Odin (Mix German Shepherd/Half Dutch Shepherd)

⚫️ DFC R. Burgraff and partner K-9 Rex (Belgium Malinois)

🟤 DFC D. Crum and partner K-9 Zeus (Dutch Shepherd)

Congratulations to all on this great accomplishment and we wish you a safe and successful career!

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  1. Mutt and Snake Eyes were my favorite G.I. Joe’s, both K9, if wolves count (Junkyard & Timber). Awesome career path!

  2. Congratulations to all the graduates! The pups look like they will be getting the jobs DONE! 😃

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