Sheriff Somerville and Sheriff Berry

WALDORF, Md. – We are celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth and starting off with our top cop, Sheriff Troy D. Berry who was elected Sheriff in 2014 and was the first African American to ever serve as Sheriff in the agency’s 356-year history. He was re-elected Sheriff in 2018 and continues to lead our agency.

Sheriff Berry has served with the CCSO for nearly 30 years. He started his career in the Patrol Division. He later served as a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Division, where he investigated crimes ranging from theft to homicide and also served as a hostage negotiator. He led the Patrol Division as a Supervisor and later as a Commander, and also commanded the Agency’s Internal Affairs Section. In 2015, he graduated from the National FBI Academy.

Sheriff Berry has spent much of his time as Sheriff focusing on building community partnerships and is passionate about helping those suffering with mental health, substance abuse, and economical challenges. Additionally, mental wellness and enhanced training for all employees have been top priority as well as advanced initiatives to prevent and fight crime.

Sheriff Berry grew up in St. Mary’s County, the youngest of 8 children. As a child, he always admired the late St. Mary’s County Sheriff Joseph Somerville, Jr. Sheriff Somerville was the first black Sheriff’s Deputy in St. Mary’s County when he became a police officer in 1966. In 1977, he was appointed by the Governor to complete the previous Sheriff’s term, making him the first black Sheriff in St. Mary’s County as well as the first black Sheriff in the State of Maryland. He went on to be re-elected in 1978.

Sheriff Somerville is one of the reasons Sheriff Berry pursued a career in law enforcement. In 2018, Sheriff Berry had the opportunity to speak at an event in his honor.

When Sheriff Somerville passed away in April of 2021, Sheriff Berry said “Sheriff Somerville was a true leader and trailblazer. As a kid who grew up in St. Mary’s County and wanted to become a police officer, Sheriff Somerville was a great role model for me. He will certainly be missed, and his impact will never be forgotten.”

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