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CHARLES COUNTY, Md. — Today we celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth by highlighting the outstanding work of Corporal Jen Brown, who serves as Charles County’s Criminal Justice Program Instructor!

Cpl. Brown has served with the CCSO for almost 7 years. She was born and raised along with her two sisters in Charles County. She is still a resident of Charles County and resides here with her husband and their two children.

Cpl. Brown said that in regards to black history, she is inspired by our Sheriff, Troy Berry, who was the first elected black Sheriff for Charles County. “Sometimes we forget how meaningful that is, and I know it’s been said before, but seeing people who look like you in important positions make your aspirations seem attainable. It helps me set higher goals for myself.”

When asked what motivates her to make an impact in the lives of her students, Cpl. Brown said “Seeing how the relationships and bonds created with students bridges the gap between police and our young people is the best motivation for me. I get told all of the time ‘you don’t seem like a real police officer.’ These students get to know me on a personal level, and not just during a 5-10 minute interaction during a possible negative situation. I hope, by them getting to know me and seeing that police officers are normal, regular people, that it helps create more positive relationships with police outside of the schools.”

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