Chesapeake Ranch Water Company Awards 2022

LUSBY, Md. – At the annual meeting awards ceremony of the Maryland Rural Water Association (MRWA) held in Ocean City, Md on May 4th, the Chesapeake Ranch Water Company (CRWC) received two prestigious awards. 

MRWA supports several hundred small and medium sized water and waste-water utilities throughout Maryland providing professional training and technical assistance as well as advocacy for funding and regulatory matters.

The first award was to Warren (Ned) Prince, who was recognized by the MRWA as Water Operations Specialist of the Year for his dedicated and skillful project management and supervision for his 32 years of service to the community, specifically during the recent Covid pandemic. 

Mr. Prince is the Chief Operating Officer of the CRWC, and supervises the acquisition, installation, and operation of the company’s infrastructure, as well as training subordinate staff.

The CRWC also won MRWA’s prestigious statewide “Toasting the Tap” Water Tasting Competition. 

In this contest, meeting attendees and State officials sampled water from pitchers marked only with a number and submitted a ballot for the pitcher they judged to have the best tasting water.  The CRWC’s entry received the most votes as the best tasting water among the finalists. 

As a result, the CRWC will have the honor of being the Maryland entry in the National “Toasting the Tap” contest held by the National Rural Water Association next February in Washington, DC.  

CRWC provides water and fire protection service in an unincorporated area in Lusby, Md with a population of 9500.

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  1. I like the ranch club water company, very helpful and friendly staff

    However the hoa poacre is down right awful!

    1. The HOA anywhere else in the area is way more. Quit crying. My HOA Fee down Dowell is $450 every month.

      1. HOA fees in cre are currently 525 dollars a year, now times that by 8000, now how many homes and lots are in dowell? I’ll wait

      2. Oh and on top of the sky high hoa fees from cre, the county also takes $275 a year and gives it to them as well in a special taxing district fee

        It’s all a theft scheme

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