Thomas Johnson Bridge

SOLOMONS, Md. -– Since last October, there have been two known incidents of people jumping from the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. These incidents have taken a significant toll on the St. Mary’s County and Calvert County communities, brought together by this one spot. Now, the communities are coming together to petition for netting around the bridge.

“The communities of St. Mary’s County and Calvert County in Maryland have been repeatedly devastated by the loss of life on Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge. By installing netting along the sides of the bridge, the number of deaths by suicide would be drastically reduced down to zero,” the petition organizer said in a statement. “Just one loss of life is one too many,” 

The organizers used the example of the Golden Gate Bridge. After being constructed, the Golden Gate Bridge had over 1,600 confirmed deaths by suicide, according to the organizers. After installing a preventive net in 2018, only 20 people have died by suicide every year by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Although it might seem lofty for the number to reduce to zero, it is clear that a preventive net has helped save lives in other cases. 

“No family should experience the loss of a loved one from suicide. The simple act of installing a net could save a family from experiencing a tragedy,” Delegate Brian Crosby said in a Facebook post supporting the petition.

For everyone that is in favor of a preventive net, you can find the petition by clicking here

If you know someone in a crisis, you can direct them to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 

You can call them at 1-800-273-8255 or text HELLO to 741741, which is the Crisis Text Line. Both services are free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are confidential. 

For more information, check out the official website for the National Institute of Mental Health.

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    1. You prefer to have your tax dollars spent on recovery?
      Netting would be less taxing, dollar wise and personal family wise.

        1. Another good point Deborah. Not only that but, is anyone going to check the nets every day? What if nobody sees him and he either freezes to death or actually crawls out of the net and still hits the water.

  1. No on netting. It will not stop determined individuals. They will simply find another way. When they have mentally devolved to that point, they are not thinking clearly and will simply find another way. Netting is a knee-jerk reaction to an age-old problem of dealing with depression.

    1. I agree it won’t stop someone determined but at least those that are determined to end there life may have a body to be found for their families to have closure. It sometimes takes months or longer for a body to be recovered after a jump off the bridge because of the current.

      1. So true! As someone whose lost someone to suicide.. while driving all hours of the day and night and I mean 24 hours straight trying to find this person you felt like a flea in this huge giant world and didn’t know how you were going to find them. When we found them it was too late. But I can at least say we have found him , we have buried him and we have him home. I can’t imagine never finding their body and having that closure, it tore me up trying to find them much less never being able to find them that would be too hard.

  2. Absolutely Dave! It’s time these cry baby liberals STOP infringing on our freedoms! If people want to end their lives, it is NOT the responsibility of the government to stop them! I darn sure do not want tens of thousands of my tax $$ to be used for stupid things like netting on a bridge!
    Honestly, look at all the money being spent on self-driving cars, speed cameras and all of the warning systems in cars today. Do crashes stop completely because of these?
    What if a person can’t swim and they jump off of a very low bridge like the Benedict bridge? Will some dense, bleeding-heart liberal want to cover the water with netting too? STOP BEING STUPID!
    In my lifetime, I’ve talked a few of people out of committing suicide because they came to me or were brought to me. Anytime I can talk someone out of it I will BUT, if they don’t reach out to someone for help, we can’t put netting or other safeguards all over the place to stop them!

      1. “Anonymous”, you’re just proving my point (Which means you don’t understand the issue here). We’re not “heartless”. I’m just saying that there are hundreds of ways to end your own life but, like many people have said already, you can NOT prevent this completely so why waste our money?
        Look at how the dumb dems have ruined cars by causing drivers to have less control of their own cars because of all of the safety features for the snowflakes who can’t (and shouldn’t be) driving. Every time someone has a crash or roll over, the government thinks they have to create some feature to protect us all when, truthfully, the individual drivers should be restricted or lose their licenses for a while.
        On my car, when the temperature hits 37 degrees, a light comes on that says: “Ice possible, drive carefully”. The streets are bone dry! Ice is NOT possible! ONLY A TOTAL MORON WOULD PUT THAT IN CARS TODAY!
        So, if the whiners don’t shut up and the government gets carried away with protections on too many things, we’ll be heading even closer towards big government socialism. So STOP asking for them to do stupid stuff! THINK FOR A CHANGE, WILL YOU ALL?!!!

        1. Republican Elizabeth Dole can be thanked for starting the car safety crusade. Her attempt at a ‘rule’ and the conservative SCOTUS at the time ruling against Reagan started it, not liberals.

        2. To be honest, I completely agree with you CCWAM. Nothing will stop them. The Dems are putting so many safety features in these cars, just give licenses to those who can ACTUALLY drive. Socialists want the government to do everything for them. I JUST WANT MY INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.
          I’ve never agreed so completely with someone in my entire life. Damn. I’d love to email you some time and talk to you about these horrible policies by the Dems.

    1. Yes. Because since the mental health system is broken in the U.S., we as a community, as the human race, need to do what we can to try and prevent such unnecessary loss of life.

  3. A dive platform would be more cost effective. Netting would be costly, high maintenance, trash collector and become ineffective quickly due to ultraviolet deterioration. How about removing all medications that could be harmful, from the market, removing all ropes, razors, poisons and etc.

    We all (well most) feel for the families who have lost loved ones to suicide, but they are the ones who should learn how to help first and recognize the signs and symptoms, and seek professional help.

  4. If someone wants to commit suicide, they will find other alternatives. I think the only reason they choose the bridge is to prevent their family members and/or friends from finding them first. My heart goes out to those of you that have lost someone~

  5. Agree mostly with Dave. Incorporate deterrents into the design of the NEW TJ Bridge rather than investing in the aging span. Its not a good comparison GGB vs TJB. The relatively low rate on the TJ is not going to go to zero. Just what are the statistics for TJ in the 40+ years? How about a little journalism here? In the 40 years the average is 1 or less a year? If you are the victims families or friends, that is too many, however as is cited the GGB did not reduce to zero. So the expense is likely not warranted if its still going to happen.

      1. Has nothing to do with heart. Yes, we all feel for those who have lost, but reality is that everything has a tradeoff. From the food you eat to the appliances you use to the car you drive. You can pay $1M for the vehicle you are driving today and you or anyone else will never be injured or die. The tradeoffs however will add 970K to the vehicle cost. A net on the bridge is one of them. It is more likely that other means will prevent an occurrence far more effectively than a net. A net may save a life once a year, where as better support and recognition by people such as yourself will save many more lives a year! Sure every life is important, but realistically as many have pointed out, the net might have prevented this one, or not? I would feel different with my heart if it was someone in my family, but with my head I would recognize reality. Sounds “heartless” but it is not. Sorry for your loss(s), but perhaps if the signs were acted on by their support group/village instead of trying to pick up the pieces. On the other hand, there may have been nothing to go on.

        1. Nope Respond to Andy, Proud Kracker. Both are mine. Got something useful or intelligent to say or just gutless drivel from another Baynet troll?

  6. I was saying the same thing last night. Something needs to be done to prevent jumpers. This is so sad and some bodies don’t get recovered, so families suffer even more. Put up more fencing at the top or a net!!! Signs should also be posted so those in distress might read them and rethink leaving this world.

    1. There ARE signs on the bridge for mental health help…suicide intervention, etc. it hasn’t stopped people from jumping…

  7. I support it! I think we need fencing or netting. This is not fair to families who Ms loved ones aren’t recovered. And some signs should be posted so the distressed individuals can possibly think before taking their life. Help is available but we need to make it known to those who suffer.

  8. I’ve been saying this for years now. I’m glad we’re finally talking about it. Hopefully it gets approved!

  9. I agree with the comments of Dave, CCWAM and S.S….putting up a ‘safety net’ will not stop those who want to die from jumping…and our tax dollars should not have to pay for something so stupid…we already pay tax dollars for stupidity and he lives in the Governor’s mansion! If people want to die, they will find a way to make it happen and there isn’t anything we can do to stop them.

  10. I’m just so torn here. On one hand, I know from personal experience due to some people I have known, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If not the bridge, then those who are determined to end it all will find another way to do so. On the other hand, as an attempt to prevent the reason for this topic, I would like to see an attempt made because I believe that life is precious and is not to be taken for granted. Ending things this way-or any way for that matter, is a permanent solution to what might be a temporary problem. Everyone is different and handles things in their own way. I believe that it comes down to whether or not the numbers justify the means of expense and upkeep. I’m no expert by any means, but to those who have lost family members or friends in this way, I really do feel for them.

    1. Great comment! I agree. I lost my father by suicide and nothing is going to stop someone who truly is desperate enough to kill themselves. There just aren’t enough deaths to justify the cost and maintenance of netting. I’d rather the money go to mental health treatment.

  11. While netting seems like a good option, I’m not so sure it is a practical application for this bridge due to the shape and construction of the bridge. A quick google search shows that netting on both sides for the entirety of the bridge could cost about 2 million. That equates to about $0.60 per adult in Maryland. However, UV light would deteriorate the netting and the entire netting system would need to be replaced every few years. I think a better option would be to add more fencing. There is already fencing on the lower portions of the bridge and it would require the would-be jumper to climb 6-8 feet of fencing. This could give them time to reconsider their actions. Of course no option would completely reduce suicides to 0 but additional fencing could help prevent more suicides. Most of the arguments I see in the comments against this proposal are that determined people would just find another way to commit suicide. The goal of this proposal is not to eliminate suicides entirely. It is to eliminate suicide by bridge. Of course nothing will stop a determined individual from committing suicide, but by adding prevention measures to areas like bridges, we are buying time for some individuals to reconsider their actions and seek help.

    1. “While netting seems like a good option, I’m not so sure it is a practical application for this bridge due to the shape and construction of the bridge. A quick google search shows that netting on both sides for the entirety of the bridge could cost about 2 million. ”

      Democrats don’t care how much it costs. It’s all fake money anyway. Just ask Clown Head.

      At any rate, the focus should be on getting President Trump back in office so he can focusing on putting people back to work because they will be too busy to think about killing themselves. Too much work to be done. No time to kill myself.

      See what I mean?

      Democrats and their feigned outrage over a couple of people killing themselves (an abhorrent crisis created by them with their mandates and lockdowns) but yet, don’t mind murdering six million babies in the womb each year.

      Gnum seh?

      1. For sure! I wonder which of these drones are CommodeSense, Dumb dog, Alvin, Morning-dumbell, Left of dense, etc? Probably just not smart enough to figure out the new site.

      2. Hey look whose trying to return!! Still a rambling, stumbling, bumbling mash of stupidity.

        Nobody sees what you mean, No Clue, because you can’t write a coherent post…but that is nothing new.

        1. I wish all you clowns would get off this site, you all ruin it for others, I wish this site would remove the comment section just like yahoo did, you clowns turn every single article posted on this site into a race argument or political garbage that nobody cares about, you, ccwarm, Bill Barnes, leonardtown, and so forth offer nothing contributing to the site, you clowns need to get off the site and get a life

          1. Why, that’s not being very first amendment of you, now is it?

            Why is that?

            What’s next with you? Would you like us to voluntarily walk right into the gas chambers?

            Perhaps netting on the bridge might be a good idea after all…..

          2. Typical democrat aren’t you? If the little commie doesn’t like what is said, it must be removed while many of us complain that everyone’s opinion isn’t being posted here.
            Why don’t YOU go over to Russia and fight with them? You and Joe are more aligned with their decrees anyhow…

          3. @CCWAM Yep. That’s the first initial instinct of any true leftist. Shut it down. BAN THEM! Stifle any dissent! etc etc etc……

            There’s a reason why leftist loons are always compared to little kids. They act just like them.

            Could you imagine debating them face to face??? They can’t even handle debate on internet forums……

            Again, I can’t imagine what it’s like waking up being an idiotic leftist everyday.

          4. And you’ve proven out point that you can’t handle debate. Not even on an internet forum.

            How sad is that?

          5. I’ve definitely proven my point that you clowns do nothing but make literally everything political on this site, it has ZERO to do with a internet debate, I literally could say the sky is a different shade of blue today and you baynet clowns would say it’s because of the democratic party, you all have proven my point correct and I have stated nothing but facts but I guess somehow that’s only for democrats to state nothing but facts
            Oh and FYI if the baynet goon patrol is wondering if I’m a democrat or republican the answer is NEITHER, I’ve got better things to do then worry about political garbage, I don’t vote never have never will
            So take that and stick where the democratic sun doesn’t shine, I’m out

          6. Enough is enough said:
            “…if the baynet goon patrol is wondering if I’m a democrat or republican the answer is NEITHER, I’ve got better things to do then worry about political garbage, I don’t vote never have never will.”
            I’d bet my fortune that you’d be a die-hard democrat if you did vote though but I must say that America is MUCH better off if people like you don’t vote. (THANK YOU for not voting).
            And since you don’t follow politics, you might want to be less vocal when we reference politics because many of us KNOW that what we say is based on the actual stats, not CNN.
            A year ago, America was made great again by a Republican President. One year later, America is on life support because of a democrat imposter…
            School is over for today.

          7. School is out huh? At what point did you attempt to take me to school? Nowhere, but here you go again with political rants once again, whats even sadder is that you let politics run your life, so here I’ll take you to school so hopefully this will help
            Did you realize the president that you clearly hate has zero effect in your life? The president has no control over gas prices, inflation, the handling of the coronavirus etc, zero control……
            You cry and whine about I quote “Rino Larry” but you voted for him……chee I bet that struck a nerve
            Politics are all thieves, they get rich off of your tax dollars.
            So back to president bashing….if you want to gripe about anything political take it up with congress, what Congress says goes .. period, congress overrides everyone, including the president, why do you think everything Trump wanted done or was trying to do was stopped dead in it’s tracks, the answer is congress, and the republicans we’re in control of Congress during his terms lol so you see just like you and your buddys they do nothing all day but have pissing matches with each other, but they have it at your tax dollar expense
            Ding ding, class dismissed

          8. @CCWAM

            “A year ago, America was made great again by a Republican President. One year later, America is on life support because of a democrat imposter…
            School is over for today.”

            OUCH!!!! Yeah, another truth-bomb leveled by CCWAM. That’s gotta hurt. Well done sir…well done.

          9. @Clown Head

            “….Just to remind you, the article is about netting….” ~ Clown Head

            “Hey look whose trying to return!! Still a rambling, stumbling, bumbling mash of stupidity.

            Nobody sees what you mean, No Clue, because you can’t write a coherent post…but that is nothing new.” ~ Clown Head


            YOU STUPID CLOWN!!!!

        2. So folks, as you can see from Clown Head’s response here, it’s the same tired stuff over and over again – Run away, incoherent posts, don’t know the meaning of words, etc… Funny, isn’t it?

          What CH is doing here is taking from the playbook of democrats and she’s likley learned about this new tactic to her on Mr. Potato head Stelter’s CNN show. It’s called “deflection”

          What that means is, is that since I’ve handed her ass to her so many times and discombobulated her over the last year to the point of which she started posting messages on articles that didn’t have anything to do with what we were talking about at the time, she’s left with nothing but accusing me of what she’s actually guilty of. I busted her on it. Pointed it out to her so many times. Reposted stuff she was saying and I’m guessing that sent her over the edge.

          Look back (Well, you probably can’t since they got rid of them all) on her posts of the past. I enraged her. She was confused. Started posting, well, I don’t know what it was she was posting….

          My God! The meltdown!

          Keep an eye out. This weekend. I won’t be posting, but she will. 50 percent of her posts will be I ran away this weekend HAHAHAHAHA!

          Can anyone say “Mental Illness??”

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          YOU STUPID CLOWN!!!!!

          1. Thanks N_C. It’s easy to look like a genius on here when comments like these are made:
            Enough is Enough said: “Did you realize the president that you clearly hate has zero effect in your life? The president has no control over gas prices, inflation, the handling of the coronavirus etc, zero control……”
            I won’t even spend one iota of brain power replying to that much ignorance.
            Then there’s dumb dog’s nugget of irony:
            “Just to remind you, the article is about netting on the TJ bridge.”
            Says the KING of commenting on everything BUT the article.

      3. This has nothing to do with politics and it seems like you missed the point entirely. I highlighted the cost to show that netting would still be a relatively cheap option as it would cost less than 60 cents per year per person, but there are more cost effective solutions that could potentially have the same impact on reducing suicide by jumping from a bridge. Like I said earlier, this is not a political issue, but a safety/community issue.

        I’m not sure where this “feigned outrage” is coming from. It is literally one petition and a valid concern because of a recent uptick in suicides at this location. Literally no one is outraged. There are concerned people that empathize with the families of those who lost someone to suicide as that is a very traumatic experience for everyone involved. I recommend switching to purified water because whatever you are drinking definitely isn’t safe for consumption.

        1. That comment was not directed towards you, it’s directed to the clowns that turn every single article on baynet into a back and forth pissing match like they always do, big dog, ccwarm, Bill Barnes, leonardtown, etc the normal baynet clowns with no life

          1. I was replying to No_Collusion. It’s pretty obvious he never got an education past high school (if that) and thinks he is intelligent for whatever reason. His arguments are always filled with logical fallacies and incoherent ramblings that are typical of the SMIBs in this area. What a sad world we live in. It does make for good entertainment, though. And these old farts only have so much time left before they croak mid-rant lol.

  12. We do NOT need a net. What we need is a new bridge. Please don’t put any money into this existing bridge. Where are the plans for the new bridge? When will we start to see actual change with our tax dollars. Putting a net up is like filling a pot hole for the pot hole to come back within months. A net is only a band-aid on the situation. This doesn’t require a band-aid it requires stitches.

    1. There isn’t any plans for a new bridge, the cost would be in the billions because of all the property that would have to be purchased on the St Mary’s side to widen the road for four lanes, that project got scrapped over a decade ago

      1. There were actually plans for a new bridge to be built. Ask St. Mary’s commissioners why they said no. I have it on good authority from the horse’s mouth that a new bridge was in the works, but certain authorities from over yonder weren’t so keen on spending the money. If you want a new bridge, go to St. Mary’s and ask them. There’s more than enough money to go around (given what I’ve been told from commissioners from Calvert) and ask them why they aren’t willing to cough it up. It’s always money in someone else’s pocket. Greedy people all around. Money moves…period.

        1. There was plans for a new bridge yes, however the state said no because they would have to purchase property from the shore of the county all the way to the 235 intersection to widen the road to four lanes, commissioners had no say in it because that’s state highway not county roadway, the reason the project got scrapped is because it was well into the tens of billions of dollars, numerous traffic studies were done in that area, the bridge isn’t the problem, one problem they found on Calverts side was the immediate exit to Solomon’s island off the bridge. The other problem was the immediate entrance to the bridge on Calvert county side, both cause slowing of route 4 traffic, the immediate exit on the Calvert county side causes the backups in the evening. The backups in the morning is simple, too many citizens. Route 235 is three lanes, four if you include the turning lanes that just get used as a normal forth lane, traffic is bumper to bumper in the morning headed down 235, a new bridge will not solve that issue either, traffic in the morning is backed up well after the bridge once you get across from Calvert county into St Mary’s counties. So that is the reason why that project was scrapped, they may reevaluate it 20 years from now but it’s highly doubtful

  13. If someone wants to kill themselves they will find a way just bc you put up a net you think they are gonna so “oh now I guess I’ll just continue to live my life”? You people need to smarten up bc there are plenty of ways to take your own life. You want tax dollars to be spend on netting for the bridge? There are plenty of other things our tax money could be spent on. This is just another example of how ridiculous this world has gotten. Mind your business, again if someone wants to commit suicide that bridge is not the only way, why don’t these people learn to mind their business and stop wasting tax money on crap that absolutely doesn’t matter. More liberal bu!!$hit. So sick of this world anymore.

  14. If someone wants to take their own life that’s their own business and nobody else’s,put a net up they will find another way

  15. Instead of netting on the current bridge, we need an additional bridge installed next to the original one to handle the huge amount of traffic that the original bridge was never intended on carrying. At that point, worry about additional items like netting.

  16. If someone is going to commit suicide, they will find another way besides jumping off of a bridge. And if they are that desperate to do such a thing all they need to do is climb over it and drop down into the river. Suicide is a mental disease which affects people differently. Especially your young pre-teens and teens who are either being bullied or have a break up from a romance. It’s not worth it to place netting there. All it’s going to do is collect trash and litter.

  17. I all ready can not afford the Calvert County Tax…Stop spending my money on fingers plugging the damn.

  18. I wondered why the fencing (wire) wasn’t continued the length of the bridge. The extra time it takes to climb; might be the one minute that changes someone’s mind about suicide. My heart goes out to the families, first responders and people on that bridge who has witnessed such sadness. Prayers….

    1. You know what Mary, you might be on to something here. After thinking about it, you might be right.

      You see, since the democrats locked down society with masks, vaccine mandates and social distancing – none of which works – the majority of the people have become fat and lazy. Sitting in their houses, cowering in the corner shaking and making gurgling sounds…hiding from a virus that they’ve either already had, or going to get anyway (Heh…the vaccines and masks sure aren’t stopping it).. Not only that, but they’re going nuts, it seems.

      You can thank a democrat for that and RINO Larry as well, by the way.

      And so, perhaps one may be too tired to climb the net and say to themselves, “Damn, I’m outta breath…I’m not going to kill myself today.”

      Yeah, I think you’re on to something Mary……I think you nailed it!

  19. Aren’t they building a new lower bridge? The current bridge has been deteriorating since it was built (remember when chunks fell off in the 80’s and it was closed?) netting is just a waste. Is the Nice bridge getting netting?

  20. If a person wants to die, they will find some other way.I don’t mean for this to sound heartless.

  21. As an ex journeyman ironworker who used safety nets back in the day, I can honest say that netting is not the best way. It will need replacing due to weather and age deterioration as well as whenever anyone jumps into it because once used it can /will have areas of concern. A high, curved inward steel fence will slow down, if not stop a jumper and its less costly in the end. I know those who want to end their lives will find another way but maybe this will allow for a bit of extra time so that they can get the help they need. As for resources being spent…. Why not start getting the inmates to do some of the work that costs this county money and not just trash pick up. Or, start charging people who call 911 for an ambulance yet its clearly not an emergency. And before ANYONE remarks about my political affiliation… I don’t care for anyone politician, I think they are all crooked to some extent.

  22. So they would have to jump into a net, then climb over a few feet to jump off the net? We should add about 30 nets at that height with mask and hand sanitizer dispensers on each level. Probably need to make them wheelchair accessible also.

  23. Why is everybody Comparing life to a car life is precious we should all be concerned with each other’s lives that’s what Jesus did for us so so who Gives you the right to make a judgment or a conscious decision on what to do and how to do somebody when somebody have a mental illness Just for example I have a mental illness And I thought about suicide I can relate to the people that do do it you do it and I feel sorry for him today You just have to realize If you’re not in those shoes you have no reason for judgment So you can say you care for them and you feel for tbeautiful but an actual fact you don’t because because if you did you would not compare them to a car material things cause Life is like I said precious Jesus died for all of us 💔 he took away our sins So don’t compare have compassion leisure for those who are sick today this world is cruel and mean today not like when I grew up When everybody cared about everybody This is the problem with the world today all they care about is material things not precious things thank you for seeing or hearing My thoughts

  24. It’s relatively known that a large amount of suicides are sudden and impulsive decisions brought on by a “last straw” event. There are planners and people determined no matter what but this could help prevent impulse suicides by limiting options. As well as the reality that many bridge jump survivors come to say they regretted the decision as soon as they jumped.

    The concerns on how fast it could deteriorate are very valid. Perhaps the extended fencing would be a better option? Though netting would help with body recovery.


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