FORESTVILLE, Md. – Maryland state troopers have more than tripled traffic stops on Rt. 301 in Prince George’s County this year and enforcement efforts are expected to increase as they work to reduce injuries and fatalities caused by traffic crashes on that highway.

As May 1, 2018, there had been seven fatalities on Rt. 301 in Prince George’s County this year.  Three of those involved pedestrians.  Troopers attribute the causes of these fatalities to speeding drivers and careless pedestrians.

During the first three months of 2018, Maryland state troopers made 1,722 traffic stops on Rt. 301 in Prince George’s County, compared with 543 stops during the same period last year.  This year’s first quarter enforcement included 830 traffic citations, 649 warnings, 243 equipment repair orders and the arrests of 15 impaired drivers.  During the first quarter of 2017, troopers issued 398 citations, 223 warnings, 142 equipment repair orders and arrested 19 impaired drivers.

Troopers will be continuing focused enforcement initiatives along Rt. 301 in the coming weeks.  They are urging motorists to obey the speed limit and be aware of other traffic control devices along the highway.

Pedestrians are also urged to consider the risk before walking along or crossing Rt. 301, especially at night.  Bright or reflective clothing is highly recommended for pedestrians.  It is vital that they be as visible as possible to approaching motorists.