CTA food trucks

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – The Career and Technology Academy (CTA) Culinary Arts program opened its “food truck facade” for the first time on March 31, 2022. This was an invite-only opening, with only students, teachers, and other special guests able to try it out.

The food truck was a collaborative effort of multiple programs, including culinary arts, automotive, carpentry, graphic design, interactive media production, and the Business Program from Huntingtown High School. The project was funded by a $2,000 grant through the Calvert County School Foundation.

Local restaurants, JesseJay’s and Salsarita’s, helped with donations of supplies and training.

“I began planning for the Food Truck project during the pandemic and virtual learning. This is the second year I have taught these students and we have a special rapport and bond having gone through the pandemic together,” says Chef Alessia O’Dell, the Culinary Arts Instructor. “It was a very rewarding and proud moment for me as an educator to see my student’s growth and hard work come to fruition. From the service to the food, they did an exceptional job. Also, the collaborative effort between all of the programs at CTA taught student’s the value of working together towards a common goal.”

Many students and staff stopped by to grab a bite, even Calvert County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Daniel Curry.

“This is a good demonstration of what you can do when you establish a school foundation, our school foundation was put together several years ago to offer teachers the opportunity to do things beyond what they’re normally able to do, so I’m very proud of it,” says Calvert County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Curry. “I think it’s great, it shows the creativity of those involved and it was able to go beyond just the culinary arts program, other programs within this building contributed as well…These students actually have been known to put out a lot of food in other venues, so with this class, they’ve been caterers over the years, but this is unique, this is special.”

CTA food trucks

This opening was only a trial run. Eventually, CTA would like to have an actual food truck and serve the community. Hopefully one day the community can all enjoy some of the amazing food prepared by the CTA Culinary Arts Department.

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