Everyone loves a bargain! It’s a universal truth. Spending less money on furniture means that you free up money to spend on the things that are really important to you—like nights out on the town or family dinners. With everything you have to worry about in your day-to-day life, spending a fortune on a new dining room set shouldn’t make the list. Shop dining table sets up to 40% off!

If someone offered you free money, you would obviously take it. One of the principles of economics is that an opportunity cost is still a cost. If you already know that you need a new dining room table, find a deal where dining room tables are nearly half off, and choose not to buy one…then according to what you’d learn in the most basic level economy class, you’re turning down free money! You would have to be a little crazy to walk away from these deals.

Not only that, the base rate price on the furniture at 1Stop is already dramatically reduced over what you would normally spend on the same pieces at an in-person furniture store. This is because you’re shopping directly from the manufacturer and cutting out all the corporate costs that go with shopping big retail—not to mention, you’re taking money out of those corporate pockets and putting it back into the small business economy, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Another benefit you get when you shop at 1Stop is a team of designers at your disposal. The guys working at those retail stores don’t have any background or training in design—but they are expert salesmen! Their job is to make you part with your money by tricking you into spending more than you have to. The designers at 1Stop are commission-free, and their commitment to upholding 1Sb’s standard of integrity and customer satisfaction means their mission is to ensure that you are as happy with your purchase as possible.

And why wouldn’t you be with quality like this? Everything on the side is made using the best materials by the most skilled craftsmen working for the brands you know and trust. These pieces are built to last, with durability that will allow you to pass them down to your grandkids one day if you choose! With financing available, if you need it, you can easily get what you’re looking for today—not tomorrow. Not a week from now when you can afford it. Today.

Using the search and filtering tools, you can find exactly what you need for your dining area. A well-decorated dining room has a way of bringing the whole family together. Meal times are a chance to be social and reconnect with our loved ones. Don’t put off making memories for another day—with so many selections available, savings that can’t be beaten, and a sale that won’t last, it’s time to bring home the perfect dining room set.