DUNKIRK, Md. — The Calvert County government has taken the first step to update their master plan by identifying recent issues with the town center during the Dunkirk Master Plan Town Center kick-off meeting held June 2.

Some of the greatest issues and challenges that citizens mentioned during the meeting are the need for a new sewer system and more healthcare options for surrounding residents, the possibility of Dunkirk becoming a technology center, the walkability of the town center and light pollution.

After the meeting, the Calvert County government will add some ideas regarding resolutions to issues included in their updated master plan. However, the Calvert County government has resolved one of these issues already.

The Calvert County government received a grant from Governor Larry Hogan[R] for a bikeways plan for Prince Fredrick and Dunkirk Town Center. As a result, the Calvert County government is updating its master plans to make the town centers more walkable. The grant will include coordination with ongoing planning efforts, and it will focus on high-level traffic.

Also, citizens of Calvert County are hoping to add more restaurants and parks to the Dunkirk Town Center, according to a poll held during the kick-off meeting. After the meeting, the Calvert County government plans to consider the polling responses when creating their new Dunkirk Master Plan.

For those who don’t know, a town center master plan is like a business plan or household plan that sets a vision for the future and explains the actions needed to accomplish those goals. Master plans can include topics like housing, public safety, land use, transportation, economic development and more.

Additionally, Dunkirk was one of the first town centers to have adopted a town center master plan in the 1980s. Since being created, they have updated the master plan many times, so it could ensure the vision for the town center is still relevant and accommodates emerging issues or trends.

Currently, their vision is for Calvert County to have safe tradition-based communities, well-educated children, a strong local economy, and an efficient and receptive government.

The next public meetings in Phase 1  for this year’s Dunkirk Town Center Master Plan include the display of the survey/poll result, a focus area workshop, the focus area workshop follow up and a liaison meeting discussing major themes.

To learn about events and status, visit www.calvertcountymd.gov

If you want to make your voice heard on these matters, you can catch the next public meetings, share ideas via surveys, or submit written comments at public hearings. Also, citizens must submit surveys by Monday, June 21, 2021.

For more information about the survey visit, check out www.CalvertCountyMd.gov/TownCenterUpdate

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