Annapolis, MD – Community Colleges are Maryland’s most affordable pathway to higher education. A four-year degree at Community Colleges, if permitted, would cost $20,000. SB 1021 seeks to prohibit Community Colleges from expanding to four-year programs. A four-year degree at College Park costs $100,000. The University of Maryland System benefits from eliminating competition. Monopolies always result in higher prices!

Regulation to Eliminate Competition
HB 1604 seeks to eliminate companies like Airbnb and other residential lodging businesses in Maryland. Individuals who advertise rooms on websites such as Airbnb would be required to be licensed by the comptroller. The individuals would have to certify they were in compliance with local zoning laws. The Comptroller could force Airbnb to remove lodging advertisements from their websites. Airbnb offers an opportunity for many struggling homeowners to earn an extra source of income. This bill is about putting special interests ahead of innovation. Thankfully, the bill was killed in Committee. Marriott did not succeed!

Hometown Heroes Act Expanded
HB 1069 expands the Hometown Heroes Act. The bill adds Volunteer Fire, Rescue and EMS personnel to the Hometown Heroes retirement exemption that was passed last year. The bill passed the House by a unanimous vote and is currently in the Senate for consideration. This is one more step toward eliminating retirement income tax for all retirees in Maryland!