Roy McGrath, Former Chief Of Staff To Governor Hogan Killed In Confrontation With FBI
Roy McGrath

KNOXVILLE, Tn. – On April 4th, Roy McGrath, an ex-chief of staff to former Governor Larry Hogan, was killed in a confrontation with FBI agents near Knoxville, Tennessee. This incident concluded a three-week manhunt that began when McGrath refused to show up for his trial date.

McGrath was indicted in October 2021 on charges of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Maryland State Government, illegally recording the former Republican Governor, and falsifying documents. If convicted, he would have faced around 100 years in a federal prison cell. He was also considered to be an international flight risk.

The charges that McGrath was facing mainly stemmed from his time working for the Maryland Environmental Service as its leader.

He was set to go on trial on March 13th, instead he chose to flee South.

The FBI offered a $10,000 award to anyone who could provide information that would lead to McGrath’s arrest. The award amount was later increased to $20,000.

The wanted man, even on the run, continued to affirm his innocence. During that time, two books would be published showing the situation from his own perspective.

In these books he referred to Governor Hogan as “Lyin’ Larry” and essentially made the claim that Hogan was the real criminal in this situation who had set McGrath up.

These books, both around 50 pages or less, were by an unknown author named Ryan Cooper.

When McGrath was finally cornered by the FBI near a strip mall, a shot was fired from an unknown individual, which commenced a brief shootout where McGrath would ultimately lose his life. His death was confirmed by his attorney Joseph Murtha.

At this moment it is unknown whether or not McGrath was shot by a federal agent or committed suicide.

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  1. “a shot was fired from an unknown individual”
    Well if the FBI says so, you know it’s ‘TRUE’!

  2. yea, wondered what happened. Ever since Ruby Ridge & before, you have to wonder what happened. Ok, Waco too wonder what happened

    1. I think this speaks volumes regarding who the Hogan administration considered “leadership” material.

  3. No one has said what exactly happened with his death. Who did it? Was it suicide? And with him being gone, no one can tell what happened with the embezzlement and corruption. All answers went with Roy to his grave. Those of us who have known him since High School have questions.

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