Tom Jarboe and Steve Hall
 Tom Jarboe and Steve Hall
Tom Jarboe and Steve Hall


I first met Steve Hall in 1977 when I was in 3rd grade at Little Flower School and Steve joined 2ndgrade. Steve and I were in school together through 1987 when I graduated from St. Mary’s Ryken. Following my service in the U.S. Coast Guard I worked at the MD State Medical Examiner’s Office as a forensic investigator and ran into Steve at the Citgo in Leonardtown (1993). He asked me what I was doing and I told him about the forensic job. Steve eagerly shared, “That’s what I want to do!”

Steve began his career at the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer in 1994…he’s been promoted through the ranks, obtaining the rank of Captain in 2010. He’s commanded the Patrol Division and most recently the Special Operations Division, where he enjoys the challenges of one of the most diverse and demanding divisions within the Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Hall was nominated and attended the FBI National Academy in Quantico. He recently completed the Police Executive Research Forum Senior Management in Policing. He’s completed the Maryland Police Training Commission Leadership Challenge and received the session’s Outstanding Leader Award.

Captain Hall attended the Leadership Southern Maryland class in 2018 and continues to volunteer to further that program along. Twenty-eight (28) years of service later, he has worked his way through the Sheriff’s Office and its ranks – serving, supervising and collaborating with every division in the agency. He has held a command level position for the past twelve (12) years. Part of excellent leadership is understanding and serving in the positions you are tasked to lead; Steve has worked his way through the ranks and understands and respects every position within the SMC Sheriff’s Department.

For over two (2) decades I have witnessed Steve serving as an active church member (St. Michael’s) as a lector and Communion server. He and his wife Faith have raised two young men who are excellent examples in our community.

Steve completely understands the roles and responsibilities of the SMC Sheriff; he possesses twenty-eight (28) years of experience, beginning as a patrolman leading up to his current position as Captain.

Are we looking for a drastic change in policing or are we enjoying the experiences of a great Sheriff like Tim Cameron of which Steve Hall is an excellent protégée? I’m thinking the latter, and that is why I am voting for Steve Hall on July 19th; experience, community and integrity matter. Steve Hall for Sheriff 2022!

Tom Jarboe
Former St. Mary’s County Commissioner

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  1. I appreciate Mr. Jarboe’s endorsement of Capt. Hall and testimony regarding his professional achievements and upstanding personal life. Being a resident of St. Mary’s for as long as he has matters to me in that I believe it’s important to know and understand those who you are tasked with serving. He does seem to be the logical choice for our next sheriff especially given his deputized experience in the office he seeks. However, there appears to be two good candidates within the ranks of the sheriff’s department, and I’m having a bit of trouble deciding on who it is I should vote for. Perhaps someone could respond and enlightenment me? Thanks.

  2. Sooo you believe just because he has all these achievements he is perfect for the job. Does Mr Hall have communication skills that he can train his young officers with no experience in the field how to deal with high hostile areas is Mr Hall here to help up lift and change the community or is Mr Hall only focus is the Black community and Black males outta Lexington Park that him and his fellow colleagues blame crime on
    You never mentioned how Mr Hall plans on dealing with the heroin issue within Is Mr Hall welling to stand up against his own officers for any misconduct or is Mr Hall just looking to expand his resume
    I’ve never seen Mr Hall be active within helping the very county that he wants to police

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