Last Saturday was the always popular Beach Party in Leonardtown. The weather was perfect and people were arriving early and leaving late, so you know it was a good time.

Big Larry‘s Eatery and Foundation 4 Heroes had a fundraiser for a local little girl who suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin disorder that causes her skin to become damaged very easily.

Special thanks to Mayor Dan Burris, the other Commissioners and Maria Flemming for embracing this idea and allowing F4Heroes to “assemble” and come out for a good cause.

Big Larry had a really fun hotdog eating contest and took the entrance fees collected and then matched that amount to donate to little Taegyn and her parents. That’s a good guy. Not to mention the Nathan’s hot dogs were free and he handed out tons of freeze pops to all.

Ten people from all towns of life entered this prestigious contest to take home the monstrous trophy and $50 gift card. But in the end, it was MCW Wrestling’s Oakley Woods who devoured the competition, and 13 hotdogs, in 5 minutes. He brought his ax with him in case anyone interfered with his food, and wisely, no one did.

Batman was the MC while Mayor Burris worked the crowd along with the F4Heroes volunteers. Everyone had fun and, everyone kept their food down, an added bonus for those spectators jockeying for a closer view of the action.

When the funds collected were added up, F4Heroes added almost $40 so the check we can present to Teagyn’s family will be for $400. Both parents were in attendance and most grateful to us and everyone who came out to support their family.

The Balloon Nerd entertained the kids with his masterful creations and special thanks to St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s very own “Wonder Woman,” Corporal Smolarsky, and the rest of the great officers for being on hand.

So many people need help in our community and the businesses of Leonardtown, the attendees and Foundation 4 Heroes were happy to make it happen for this family. Are you ready to be a HERO?