As many of us know firefighters are a special breed of people. We never think twice when those tones drop or those bells ring to jump on a piece of apparatus to help someone in need that we may not even know. This common quality between all of us is what has bound us into this brotherhood. Whether you are a east coast firefighter, west coast firefighter or even out of county we all call each other brother and sister. Another unique quality of our breed of individuals is the desire to help each other when in need.

Today brothers I am asking for your help. This help is not for me but for another member our firefighter family. Captain Robbie Robinson is a local firefighter and ex-chief of the Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department in Solomons, Maryland. Chief Robinson served us in the early 80s when Solomons was young and fresh and the community was starting to grow. Under his leadership and guidance the department has grown into the amazing department in Southern Maryland it has become today. Captain Robbie is local who is also a fishing charter captain in Solomons and has been all of his life. You may at time catch him at the helm of the Miss Regina II taking tourists, locals and even the wounded warriors out for the time of there lives. The Captain also is a U.S. Veteran who once a year will takes a group of wounded warrior out on free charter trip to thank them for their service. This yearly event is one of the many he is very proud of.

Recently the Captain had to be admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and congested heart failure. In addition to the overwhelming bills which will result from his stay, he also will not be able to fulfill his last charters for the season which is what he uses during the winter months when business is slow.

We the Solomons Volunteers have set up a GoFundMe account in his name in hopes that fellow brothers and sisters in the firefighting community, members of the local Solomons community, and others will help donate to the cause of helping him through his time of need. Donations can range from as small as $5 to larger amounts that organizations wish to pledge. Let it be known that all donations are important and that there is no donation too small.

We thank everyone who has donated and will donate. This means the world to us since he has been there for us, some of us, all our lives. Captain Robbie has saved thousands of people in his lifetime. Now is the time that we all band together and help save him.

Thank You

The Solomons Volunteers

GoFundMe page