NEW CARROLLTON, Md.  – The Hogan Administration today announced more than $9.1 million in grant awards administered through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s new Homelessness Solutions Program. The awards, made to the local Continuums of Care, are expected to fund services for about 15,000 Marylanders experiencing or at risk of homelessness. The majority of the funding comes from state sources, with approximately $1 million appropriated through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Emergency Solutions Grants Program.

“Our administration is committed to connecting Maryland citizens in need to resources that will help them thrive,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “With this streamlined program, we are providing greater access to opportunities for homeless or vulnerable Marylanders to ensure they receive the support and compassionate care they deserve.”

In 2017, the governor signed legislation to assign administration of the majority of the state’s homelessness service programs to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. Previously, the six programs serving Maryland’s homeless were spread between the Department of Human Services and the Department of Housing. By consolidating these programs into one single Homelessness Solutions Program, care providers now have more efficient processes for funding and reporting; state funding goals are aligned with federal requirements and national best practice trends; local entities have more flexibility and control over spending; and supportive housing options are expanded.

A major advantage of the new program is the streamlining of funding to the state’s 16 Continuums of Care, which are responsible for coordinating the provision of homeless services within their respective jurisdictions, serving every city and county within the state. This will allow for more efficient and strategic deployment of state funding.

A particular focus for the Department of Housing and Community Development is providing services to unaccompanied homeless youth. Included in this funding round are a number of providers who will be providing new or expanded services for this population. In Baltimore City, the Youth Empowered Society will provide rapid re-housing services, in Frederick County, the Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership will be providing host homes and in Prince George’s County, the funding will support a range of youth-specific care, including shelter, rapid re-housing, and homelessness prevention services.

Service Area Amount
Capital Region $1,726,971
Central Maryland $4,086,580
Eastern Shore $1,704,390
Southern Maryland $823,256
Western Maryland $791,510
TOTAL $9,132,707

Allocations by Activity

Activity Amount
Outreach $490,581
Emergency Shelter $4,027,443
Rapid Re-Housing $2,156,021
Homeless Prevention $1,545,167
Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) $39,605
Administrative $503,427
TOTAL $9,132,707