Maintaining your garden especially during the season of fall is very important. Not only will it ensure the healthiness of you garden but also discourage pests and fungus to develop in your garden. But with the all the tasks that needs to be done, makes it harder for anyone to plan when and where to start. Thus the following guidelines will help you organize all the chores that needs to be done and how to do them properly.

Sweeping all the Leaves
One of the tasks that need to be done is to sweep all the leaves in your garden. You can use your mow to make it easier for you or you could manually rake the leaves and consider the extra effort as an added daily exercise for the benefit of your health. Do this at least once a week; do not wait for the leaves to pile up in your garden as it may grow into a new breed of grass that will make it even harder to clean it all up.

Watering the trees
It is advised that you water trees that were planted within the last 36 months. Make this a weekly job preferably during the weekends so it’s easy to remember by simply placing a watering wand under the tree and wait until the water sinks 10 inches deep. This is an important task if you want to preserve your tree and survive throughout the season.

Applying Herbicides
During the season of fall, you should apply herbicides to your garden to prevent any emergence of weeds or any other unwanted breed that might develop in your garden. There are many kinds of herbicides available in the market that is intended to match your specific gardening needs.

Conduct a minor pruning
Minor pruning should be done to remove the ground succors from plants or any unwanted branches that could become a potential danger when snow comes.
If you have effectively accomplished all these chores, you can be sure that your yard will be much more productive as the season of spring arrives.


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