LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – Police say Twain Belafonte Harrod died because he tried to help out someone in need. Back on September 12, the 63-year-old Calvert County man saw two men in an altercation with a woman Lexington Park. He stepped in and told the men to leave the woman alone or he’d call the police.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff said those men dragged him from his vehicle and beat him severely.  The father and grandfather never recovered from his injuries. His children were forced to make the painful decision to turn off life support a week later. 

TheBayNet spoke with Harrod’s daughter, Amanda Harrod. She said helping others was just a way of life for her father. “That was his nature. That was all the time.”

Ms. Harrod said that earlier on the day of the assault her father had stopped to help someone change a tire on the side of the road. 

Mr. Harrod learned to take care of others at an early age. He was the oldest of 11 children. His daughter said, “He was the oldest brother, so that was one of his traits.  He always took responsibility for others that couldn’t help themselves.”  Harrod went on to serve his country in the Army in the 1980s.

Harrod had a large family himself. He was the father of 12 and a grandfather of 8. His daughter said he was always there for his family. “If we asked him for it, he would give it to us. it was no problem. He always took the grandbabies when we needed a break. He showed up at events.”

Ms. Harrod said she was the one who was forced to make the decision to remover her father from life support. “I’m second to the oldest. My oldest brother couldn’t do it.”

Amanda has strong words for Delante Javon Holley and Tyrell Marquice Birdine who are charged in her father’s death. “I hope they get life in prison behind it. I hope they never see daylight.”

Harrod said her father was a hardworking man with many talents. “He was an entrepreneur. He did everything, drywall, black top.  He had a trade for everything.  He was still working.”  

The family will hold a candlelight vigil in his memory at Chancellor’s Run Park in Great Mills this Friday at 5 pm.

The family has started a GoFundMe account to help pay for his funeral. Ms. Harrod said those interested in helping can also contribute directly to the Sewell Funeral Home in Prince Frederick.

As for now, she says the large family is leaning on each other. There’s enough of us to lean on.  We have 10 aunts and uncles, so we’re a big family.”