Spring has finally sprung and the blossoming plants and flowers serve as a reminder that National Gardening Month is a few short days away! What better way to commemorate the holiday than by starting your own garden?

Making something grow is a gratifying and simple hobby that anyone can enjoy at any age. Use these expert tips to get started:

  • Learn about your gardening space – Indoors or out, think about where and when the sun shines and pay special attention to the soil
    • If you are outdoors, do a soil test to determine what type of garden soil you have and select plants best suited for it. Be sure to visit the Lowe’s Regional Gardening Calendar for specific tips for where you live
    • For indoor containers try a flower and vegetable soil that includes fertilizer
  • Invest in some nice tools – You don’t need everything right away but a spade, rake, trowel and pruners have crafted many exceptional gardens and are essential
  • The plant tag is a great resource – When shopping for plants be sure to read the plant tag for important information, including sunlight and water requirements, mature size and shape, planting instructions, bloom time, pruning needs and more.