For the 1st time in history, all 4 Southern Maryland Chamber of Commerce are led by Madam Presidents!

SOLOMONS, Md. — July 30, 2021, featured a landmark event.

Director of the Maryland Small Business Development Center, Southern Region, Wynne Briscoe hosted the Southern Maryland Madam Presidents Meet & Greet Luncheon at The Pier Restaurant in beautiful Solomons Island on the Patuxent River overlooking the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge.

In attendance were and pictured below are:

Dr. Doris Cammack-Spencer, President/CEO of the Southern Maryland Minority Chamber of Commerce;

Bonnie Grady, President/CEO of the Charles County Chamber of Commerce;

Kathryn Maney, President/CEO of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce;

Dr. Christine Bergmark, President/CEO of the St. Mary’s County Chamber of Commerce;

Wynne Briscoe, Director of the Maryland Small Business Development Center, Southern Region

“This is Historic! Herstory to be exact! We are so blessed and honored for such a time as this — for women and leadership in our Region, State, and Country! We are thankful for Divine alignment and timing to bring these amazing powerful women together, some meeting each other for the first time. The luncheon discussions were empowering with the theme of collaboration and community.”

“Each Madam President had such an inspiring story to share of their experiences and how they arrived at their current executive positions. Individually having a heart for the community and a legacy of impact before taking on their role as President/CEO, now working with new Chamber Board members gives room for infinite possibilities.”
“There’s nothing like the energy and impact of women in leadership. They had idea sharing on how to engage business owners of all ages, stages, and demographics while also discussing new ways and opportunities to move their Chambers forward,” says Wynne Briscoe.

Bonnie Grady said “No one is born to be a chamber professional. We’re not slapped on our backsides upon birth and declared a Chamber leader. There’s no school or university that prepares us for it. Each of us brings to the table a lifetime of knowledge and experiences which we apply carefully, thoughtfully, and often prayerfully as we navigate our members’ needs and those of our communities.

The four Chamber executives pictured here serve hundreds of local businesses and nonprofit organizations, and tens of thousands of Southern Maryland workers with the common goal of strengthening and improving our local economies. We take pride in our work and are humbled by the privilege of being allowed to do it. Together we are Southern Maryland Strong!”

Briscoe states, “This was truly a historic day at the end of July. With August approaching as a month of new beginnings, we are looking forward to the County and Regional collaborations that blossom from this luncheon.”

Bonnie Grady says, “What a fabulous get-together! I appreciate each of these ladies for investing their time, enthusiasm, and true selves, and especially Wynne for making it happen!”

“We found out today that we share more than just our titles… we share a love for our communities and we’re happy to work together making things better for all!” said Kathryn Maney.

“It was amazing to be in the presence of such great women”!! Thank you!” expressed Dr. Christine Bergmark.

Dr. Doris Cammack-Spencer gratefully said “Wynne, thank you so much for hosting us. It was a historic event!”

Wynne shared that this is just the start of her intentional initiative of gathering Ladies in Leadership. Also, in the future will be curated “L3” experiences she calls “Lunch/Listen/Learn.” Bringing together women from around the Region for casual conversations and engaging events. Giving inspiration to young girls who need to see examples of women in leadership and providing opportunities for uplifting mentorship and positive generational impact. “Legacy Leadership and Generational Impact start with us. Women are the hub of their communities. We Serve and we are Better Together,” says Wynne Briscoe.

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