ST. MARY’S CITY, Md. – Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) will be extending the popular Homeschool Friday workshops throughout the month of October. Perfect for families looking to supplement an online education or to get outside during Asynchronous Fridays, these programs are small in number and will be held outdoors.  Specially designed for children ages 6 and older of all learning abilities, the workshops will include a short, guided tour by museum staff and hands-on activities with discussions that complement learning goals.

For each of the workshops, participants will receive pre-packaged materials. Each Friday in October (October 2, October 9, October 16, October 23, and October 30) will offer morning and afternoon sessions. Families are welcome to sign up for either session or both.

The morning sessions are scheduled from 10:30 a.m.—12:00 p.m. These are two separate, one and a half hour sessions.

Cochineal Natural Dye Workshop at the Godiah Spray Tobacco Plantation. Coloring with natural materials is an ancient art that is filled with surprises. Join HSMC staff for an informative and fun hands-on workshop to learn about the history and traditions of the sacred red dye made from the Cochineal insect. Participants will gain an understanding of the biology and chemistry of using natural materials to achieve color and learn about traditional dyeing methods.

Maritime History through Art and Communication at the Waterfront. Students will have the opportunity to learn the artistic skills required of 17th-century sailors and the ways in which they would communicate. Participants will have the opportunity to board Maryland Dove and go below deck. Participants will try their hand at knot tying, learn about nautical charts, and see (and hear!) a gunnery demonstration.

The afternoon sessions are scheduled from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. These are two separate, one and a half hour sessions.

What Makes a Witchott at the Woodland Indian Hamlet.
Witchott, wickiup, wigwam, and longhouses are all names for the grass and wood structures that Native peoples up and down the East Coast of the United States called home. Join HSMC to discover what makes a witchott, how the staff builds and maintains our houses  Students will be encouraged to try their hand at one of the many tasks needed to keep the witchotts up and running.

Who Were They and Who Are You at the Town Center. In this workshop, students will try their hand at writing with quill pens and learn about how to the tools available shaped the way that people wrote. Participants will look at genre paintings, learn about symbolism, and discuss how those paintings were the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube of their time. Participants will have an opportunity to make their own portraits.

For the safety of our staff and guests, those attending will be expected to follow CDC health guidelines, including mask-wearing and social distancing. Space is limited for each workshop and is registration only. In order to reserve space, payment is due upon registration. The cost for one workshop is $10, which includes all materials, and a self-guided museum visit. Additional workshops on the same day are $7. Discounts are available for members. Those that are interested may contact the 240-895-4980 or email

Historic St. Mary’s City is a museum of living history and archaeology on the site of Maryland’s first capital in beautiful, tidewater Southern Maryland.  For more information about the museum contact the Visitor Center at 240-895-4990, 800-SMC-1634, or